MLB Trade Rumors predicts these 5 Top 50 free agents could sign with the Reds

MLB Trade Rumors released their list of Top 50 free agents and where they'll sign.
Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez (57)
Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez (57) / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Thankfully, no one from the Cincinnati Reds 2023 roster found their name among MLB Trade Rumors' Top 50 free agents available this offseason. That means that the Redlegs are likely to retain most of their talent heading into next season.

However, the outlet did list a few names of potential free agent acquisitions the Reds might be able to land this winter. That can only be viewed as a good thing, right?

And while the contributors over at MLB Trade Rumors don't see Cincinnati securing the services of one of the Top 10 free agents available this offseason, there are several good players who would no doubt improve the Reds' chances of contending in 2024.

Eduardo Rodriguez and Seth Lugo could bolster the Reds starting rotation

The trio of writers (Anthony Franco, Tim Dierkes, and Darragh McDonald) over at MLB Trade Rumors put together their annual list and not only assigned a team, but also a contract estimate to each of the Top 50 free agents available this offseason.

Eduardo Rodriguez, who ranks 11th on the list, is viewed as a potential target of the Cincinnati Reds this offseason. Rodriguez opted out of his contract with the Detroit Tigers and is estimated to secure a four-year/$82-million contract.

Franco predicted that Rodriguez would land in Cincinnati, while Dierkes sees the southpaw signing with Boston Red Sox. McDonald, however, sees the Chicago White Sox looking to add Rodriguez to their pitching stable.

Seth Lugo received from love from McDonald, as he predicts the Reds will look to add the veteran on a three-year/$42-million deal. Lugo ranks No. 19 on MLBTR's list.

Lugo would be a nice middle-of-the-rotation addition to Cincinnati pitching staff loaded with young talent. The Arizona Diamondbacks and St. Louis Cardinals were listed as other possible desintations.

Starter Michael Wacha could be high on the Reds list this offseason

Two of the three contributors at MLB Trade Rumors like the potential fit of Michael Wacha with the Cincinnati Reds. Wacha comes in at No. 24 after posting back-to-back solid seasons with the San Diego Padres.

The Friars are said to be having some financial difficulties, and that very well may have led to their decision to jettison Wacha this winter. The right-hander is estimated to take home $36-million over three years.

Michael Wacha is that middle-of-the-rotation veteran that so many throughout Reds Country are hoping to see in Cincinnati next season. If the Reds are able to secure Wacha for an average annual value of just $12-million, it seems like a no-brainer.

Might the Reds look to sign a pair of relievers in free agency?

One area of concern heading into 2024 has to be the Cincinnati Reds bullpen. After an overworked relief corps ran out of gas down the stretch, many of the Cincinnati faithful are hopeful to see the Reds front office target some relievers during the offseason.

Reynaldo Lopez is a name to watch. The right-hander ranks 29th among free agents according to MLB Trade Rumors and has posted a 3.02 ERA over the past two seasons. It's estimated that Lopez could sign a three-year/$30-million deal.

Hector Neris, formerly of the Houston Astros may be available for somewhere in the range of two years at $15-million. Neris ranks 46th among all free agent according to MLB Trade Rumors and could be a target of the Cincinnati Reds this offseason.