MLB Standings Ordered by Run Differential: Reds starters keeping Cincy afloat

The Reds starting rotation has kept the team in contention.
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Hunter Greene
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Hunter Greene / Norm Hall/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Reds win-loss record is not pretty. The Reds have struggled to put runs on the board. As is the case with almost every sport, you're not going to win too many games if you can't outscore your opponent. Thankfully, the Reds starting rotation is doing its job and has kept Cincinnati in a number of games by keeping crooked numbers off the scoreboard.

If you look at the Reds' win-loss record, you're going to be rather disappointed. But another way to measure a team's success is by run differential — a number determined by subtracting the total number of runs allowed from the number of runs scored. What would the current MLB Standings look like determined by run differential?

MLB Standings Ordered by Run Differential: Reds pitching staff keeping Cincy afloat

The team with the highest run differential in the National League is unsurprisingly the Los Angeles Dodgers. On a team filled with All-Stars, you're bound to score runs. But LA also has some top-notch pitching as well. The Dodgers traded for Tyler Glasnow, who's squarely in the the Cy Young conversation through the first several weeks of the 2024 season.

The Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves have held their own as well, and the Milwaukee Brewers own the highest run differential in the NL Central. Altogether only seven of the 15 NL teams have a positive run differential.

NL East

Run Differential

Philadelphia Phillies


Atlanta Braves


New York Mets


Washington Nationals


Miami Marlins


NL Central

Run Differential

Milwaukee Brewers


Chicago Cubs


Cincinnati Reds


Pittsburgh Pirates


St. Louis Cardinals


NL West

Run Differential

Los Angeles Dodgers


Arizona Diamondbacks


San Diego Padres


San Francisco Giants


Colorado Rockies


Over on the American League side, the New York Yankees lead the way. With names like Aaron Judge and Juan Soto, few baseball fans are shocked hear that the Bronx Bombers sit atop the AL in run differential.

However, few fans probably expected to learn that the Cleveland Guardians were second in the league in run differential. Terry Francona may be gone, but Cleveland is still one of the best teams in the AL. Few teams in the AL West have much to brag about in terms of run differential, with the Houston Astros, Oakland A's, and Los Angeles Angels all in red numbers.

AL East

Run Differential

New York Yankees


Baltimore Orioles


Boston Red Sox


Tampa Bay Rays


Toronto Blue Jays


AL Central

Run Differential

Cleveland Guardians


Kansas City Royals


Minnesota Twins


Detroit Tigers


Chicago White Sox


AL West

Run Differential

Texas Rangers


Seattle Mariners


Houston Astros


Los Angeles Angels


Oakland A's


The Reds have a -3 run differential, which is unsurprising given their 1-10 win-loss in record one-run games. Reds fans have lost patience with several players and directed their anger at others, but despite all the losses piling up, Cincinnati is still just 2.5 games back of the final Wild Card spot.

But the Reds' need to start compiling wins. David Bell's team faces a tough task with a visit to Chavez Ravine to play the first-place Los Angeles Dodgers.

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