Jonathan India was the Reds' unsung hero in walk-off win vs. Nationals

Jonathan India won't get all the glory, but he set up the Reds victory on Sunday.

Cincinnati Reds second baseman Jonathan India
Cincinnati Reds second baseman Jonathan India / Jason Mowry/GettyImages

Will Benson and Christian Encarnacion-Strand will share the glory after the Cincinnati Reds 6-5 walk-off win versus the Washington Nationals on Sunday afternoon at Great American Ball Park.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, Benson launched a two-out, two-run blast over the center field wall to tie the game. Encarnacion-Strand then called ballgame with a massive blast into the left field seats and the Reds celebrated the one-run victory by mobbing their first baseman at home plate.

But among all the fireworks of the final two at-bats, it was Jonathan India would set the table for the walk-off win. India's 10-pitch battle against Nats closer Kyle Finnegan helped bring the tying run to the plate.

Jonathan India was the unsung hero in the Reds' 6-5 walk-off win over the Nats

The Reds bullpen gave away the lead once again, and things were looking grim as Cincinnati entered the ninth inning with 5-3 deficit. Nick Martini laced a line drive into right field, but it was caught by Lane Thomas. The next batter, Luke Maile, had his line drive down the third baseline snagged by Trey Lipscomb.

It was down to India. The Reds leadoff hitter got ahead of Finnegan 3-1, but the Nationals' right-hander battled back. India fouled off the fifth pitch of the AB bringing it to a full count. India then proceeded to foul off four more fastballs before ripping a double down the left field line.

The rest was history, as Benson homered and then Encarnacion-Strand did the same. India wasn't part of the postgame interview, but he was right there with his teammates when CES was rounding third base and headed for home plate.

Fernando Cruz deserves a tip of the cap as well. The right-hander entered the game with a one-run deficit in the top of the eighth inning and the bases loaded with nobody out. Cruz limited the damage and allowed just one of those runners to dent the plate. Just like India's at-bat, Cruz's shutdown performance was another overlooked aspect of Cincinnati's comeback win.

The Nats stole a game from the Reds on Saturday night, and Cincinnati stole one back on Sunday afternoon. The Reds (2-1) will now head to the City of Brotherly Love on Monday for a three-game series with the Philadelphia Phillies (1-2). Andrew Abbott will make his first start of 2024 after a successful rookie season.

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