Cubs no longer threaten the Reds' playoff aspirations

Reds fans no longer need to worry about how the Cubs finish the 2023 regular season.
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jake Fraley
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jake Fraley / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The Cincinnati faithful know all too well what Cubs' fans are dealing with right now. After having their hearts ripped out last weekend courtesy of the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Cincinnati Reds' playoff aspiartions took a major hit.

The Reds are still in the hunt for that final NL Wild Card spot, and are actually in better shape than the Chicago Cubs. David Ross' squad dropped another winnable game on Friday night in Milwaukee, and the Cubs are now 82-78.

It just so happens that the Reds are 82-78 as well, and Cincinnati holds the tiebreaker over Chicago after winning the season series 7-6. The Cubbies are no longer a threat to overtake the Redlegs for a spot in the MLB Playoffs.

Cubs no longer threaten the Reds' playoff aspirations

Now, that's not to say that the Chicago Cubs can't make it to the MLB Playoffs, but they're going to need the Cincinnati Reds to lose one of their final two games of the season.

The Reds have two games remaining against the St. Louis Cardinals while the Cubs get two more aginst the Milwaukee Brewers. Both teams would love to see the Miami Marlins drop their remaining two contests against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Fish will most likely have to complete the game against the New York Mets that was suspended on Thursday. The conclusion of that game is slated to take place on Monday, if necessary. If the Marlins win one more game, the Chicago Cubs will be eliminated.

The Reds, however, still have hope if the Marlins pick up one more W this weekend in Pittsburgh. No matter what Miami does, if the Arizona Diamondbacks drop their final two games of the season against the Houston Astros, the Reds will get a spot in the postseason if they finish off a sweep against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Reds fans, it's time to cheer on Dusty Baker and the Astros, as that's likley Cincinnati's best chance to make a run at the MLB Playoffs. Of course, it won't matter at all if the Reds fail to win on Saturday and Sunday at Busch Stadium.