The Cincinnati Reds will be wearing these classic uniforms during Field of Dreams Game

Portrait of Cincinnati Reds player Heinie Groh
Portrait of Cincinnati Reds player Heinie Groh / George Rinhart/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Reds social media team released some photographs of what uniforms the team will be wearing for the upcoming Field fo Dreams Game against the Chicago Cubs.

The throwback uniforms will pay tribute to the 1919 World Series Champions with the claw-shaped "C" on both the cap and helmet and the classic wishbone "C" donning the chest. Unlike the Reds' current logo, the team's nickname is embedded inside the wishbone "C".

While it may be strange to some viewers that the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs, two of the worst teams in baseball, taking center stage on Thursday night, at least the two squads will be well-dressed.

Reds reveal classic uniforms from 1919 that will be worn during the Field of Dreams Game.

While the Cincinnati Reds will be wearing their classic duds from 1919, the Chicago Cubs will be wearing a classic version of their own. Oddly enough, the Cubs' logo will look strangely familiar to Reds' fans.

The logo featured on the Chicago jerseys is a red-colored wishbone "C" as well, but the Cubs "bear with a bat" logo is inset within the letter. The Cubs will also be wearing blue caps on Thursday night in Dyersville, Iowa.

If you'll remember, the first-ever Field of Dreams Game was slated to be played during the 2020 season, but the coronavirus had other ideas. The league scrapped the game during the pandemic-shortened season and last year's contest between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox became the crown jewel of the 2021 baseball season.

This year, while the competition might not be the same, the pageantry certainly will. The Chiacgo Cubs currently trail the Cincinnati Reds for third-place in the National League Central Division by a half-game. Both teams are well off the pace set by the division-leading St. Louis Cardinals.

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