3 Reds players who won't be non-tendered, but will eventually lose their roster spot

Not everyone who survives the non-tender deadline will reach Goodyear next spring.
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Levi Stoudt
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Levi Stoudt / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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The non-tender deadline represents an opportunity for teams to sever ties with players on the 40-man roster rather than offering them a contract for the 2024 season.

While some players are non-tendered due to poor performance or a roster crunch, more times than not it comes down to money. That's the biggest reason Reds fans will likely seen Nick Senzel non-tendered later today.

There are those fringe-players who will retain their roster spot, but will undoubtedly be on thin-ice as the offseason continues to unfold. Which three Cincinnati Reds players won't be non-tendered today, but eventually lose their offseason roster spot?

1. Reds OF Bubba Thompson will have a hard time holding on to his roster spot

Bubba Thompson, we hardly knew ye. Thompson was added to the Cincinnati Reds roster this offseason after being designated for assignment. While it's unlikely the Reds will non-tender Thompson today, his roster spot is anything but secure.

Thompson provides a ton of speed. According to Baseball Savant, the 25-year-old was in the same category as Elly De La Cruz when it comes to sprint speed. Thompson averaged over 30.4 feet per second on the base paths.

But getting on base has been a problem for Thompson. In 241 career plate appearances in the majors, Thompson's posted an on-base percentage below .300. There's also very little power in his bat, as evidence by his .305 career-slugging percentage.

The Cincinnati Reds outfield is filled with a bevy of role players. Stuart Fairchild, Jake Fraley, TJ Hopkins, and Will Benson all have speed, and a better bat than Bubba Thompson.

It's very likely that Thompson makes it past the non-tender deadline, and could very well wind up in Goodyear this spring. But don't be shocked if a few trades or free agent signings require Thompson to give up his spot on the Reds 40-man roster.