3 Reds who will make the 2024 Opening Day roster but won’t last the season

A lot can happen over a 162-game season.

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Stuart Fairchild
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Stuart Fairchild / Kirk Irwin/GettyImages
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There's no telling how many times baseball fans have taken one look at a team's Opening Day roster prior to the club taking the field for the first game of the season and uttered the phrase, "Well, there's no way that guy is making to make it through the season."

Take one look at the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day roster from a year ago and you'll confirm that thought. Jason Vosler, Kevin Newman, Wil Myers, Luis Cessa, and Joel Kuhnel all began the season in Cincinnati, but didn't finish it wearing the wishbone "C" on their cap.

Whether teams are looking to give one last shot to a player who's out of options, placing a stopgap starter into the rotation until their highly-touted rookie is ready, or just taking a gamble on a journeyman who's had unexpected success in spring training, there are always players who break camp with a team only to fall short of making it to the finish line. Which Reds players will make the Opening Day roster, but not finish the season in Cincinnati?

3 Reds who will make the 2024 Opening Day roster but won’t last the season

Jose Barrero, SS

This is the end of the line for Jose Barrero. A former top prospect in the Reds organization, Barrero is now out options and has somehow survived the roster crunch this offseason. It's rather surprising that Barrero is still on the team at this point. After struggling to begin last season, Barrero was eventually optioned to Triple-A Louisville in June where he spent the rest of the season.

The organization is giving the infielder one last chance to get it right. To Barrero's credit, he was called up too early, has rarely received consistent playing time in the majors, and has been shuffled all over the diamond despite only playing shortstop throughout the majority of his professional career.

But at this point, Barrero's hourglass is nearly empty. Not only will Barrero need a strong spring just to make the Reds Opening Day roster, he'll need to perform well throughout the entire season in order to justify sticking around. There are several talented young infielders nipping at his heels.

Jose Barrero is out of minor-league options, so if the Reds intend to keep the 25-year-old around, he'll have to remain on the active roster throughout the entire season. That seem unlikely. If he breaks camp with the Reds, don't expect him to remain on the roster until the end of the season.