3 Reds starting pitchers who will begin the 2024 season in Triple-A and 2 who won't

After the Frankie Montas signing, a couple capable starting pitchers will begin the season in the minors.
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Andrew Abbott
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Andrew Abbott / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Reds LHP Brandon Williamson will begin the 2024 season in Triple-A

Brandon Williamson was one of the biggest surprises for the Cincinnati Reds in 2023. The left-hander was in the mix to be part of the Reds rotation coming out of spring training, but struggles kept him off the Opening Day roster.

But once he was given the opportunity, Williamson never relinquished it. There's a very good chance that Williamson could emerge among the five pitchers named to the Reds rotation heading into 2024, but if everyone is fully healthy, Triple-A could be calling his name.

Some within the Reds fanbase have been calling for Williamson to be moved to the bullpen rather than begin the season in the minors. That's a measure of merit to this idea, as it would add another lefty to the relief corps, but Williamson offers far too much upside to move him to the bullpen.

No, his best spot is as the lefty in waiting at Triple-A Louisville. As Reds fans saw in 2023, pitching depth is exceedingly important. The Reds used an inordinate number of starters last season, but teams will regularly use upwards of eight starting pitchers each season.

Brandon Williamson will receive plenty of opportunities to make an impact in 2024, but don't look for the southpaw to open the season on the active roster. Williamson will be ticketed for Triple-A, though he won't stay there for long.