3 Reds prospects who improved their stock immeasurably in 2023

The Reds have some high-rising prospects who'll be looking to duplicate their 2023 performance heading into next season.

Dayton outfielder Blake Dunn slides back to first base
Dayton outfielder Blake Dunn slides back to first base / Cody Scanlan/Holland Sentinel / USA
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3. Reds prospect Sal Stewart improved his stock immeasurably in 2023

While the Cincinnati Reds organization and fanbase were ecstatic to see Cam Collier fall all the way to No. 17 in the 2022 MLB Draft (as they should've been), at the moment, Sal Stewart looks to be the better prospect.

Stewart, who was taken with a Compensatory Pick following the departure of Nick Castellanos during the 2021-22 offseason, owned the batters' box in 2023. The 20-year-old, who's seen as a hit-over-power prospect at the moment, showed plenty of pop last season. Stewart smashed 12 homers and recorded 71 RBI.

Stewart's most impressive stat from the 2023 season was his 84 walks. That becomes all the more impressive when you see that Stewart had more walks than strikeouts (77). Stewart had a 16.2-percent walk-rate and 14.9-percent strikeout-rate.

If Stewart can maintain that heading into 2024, the Cincinnati Reds could have a star in the making. It's rare, especially in today's day and age, to see a player with that type of plate discipline. Steven Kwan of the Cleveland Guardians has a very similar approach at the dish, but possesses nowhere near the power of Sal Stewart.

Some scouts don't see Stewart at third base over the long haul. But it's going to be his bat, not his glove, that allows Stewart make it to the big leagues. It would be ambitious to assume that Stewart would make it to the majors in 2024, but he could certainly be knocking on the door by 2025.