3 Reds players we'll be glad are gone in 2024 and 2 we wish stayed

The Reds might miss some of these players more than you think.

Washington Nationals infielder Nick Senzel
Washington Nationals infielder Nick Senzel / Rich Storry/GettyImages
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The Reds were wise to non-tender Nick Senzel

This is bound to be a bit controversial, but the Cincinnati Reds are not going to miss Nick Senzel during the upcoming season. No, Senzel never lived up to the hype of being a top prospect and former first-round pick, but the Reds didn't do him any favors. Senzel signed a one-year deal with the Washington Nationals earlier this winter.

After being drafted as a third baseman, the Reds made an attempt to turn Senzel into an outfielder prior to his major league debut. Senzel was unable to stay healthy, and the rest is history.

There was some observable bitterness and hurt feelings tlast season. With so many talented young players coming up through the Reds farm system, Senzel's role became that of a platoon bat. While he had success in that role, it's not one that he foresaw nor really accepted.

The whole relationship between Senzel and the Reds came to a head after he was optioned to Triple-A last summer. Senzel took his time reporting to Louisville, and was then passed over by lesser players when the Reds roster was rocked by injury. Cincinnati finally recalled the University of Tennessee alum, and Senzel finished the season with the Reds.

Cincinnati might miss Senzel's bat against left-handed pitchers, but it also gives the Reds a chance to give those opportunities to other young players. Senzel's absence will open the door for a player like Blake Dunn or Jacob Hurtubise, and his new home in D.C. gives the 28-year-old a new chance to show what he can do. This separation was a win-win.