3 Reds in danger of losing a roster spot after Brent Suter signing

It's going to be the end of the line for at least one Reds player once Brent Suter's signing is made official.
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Nick Martini
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Nick Martini / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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2. Reds outfielder Nick Martini is in danger of losing his roster spot.

We keep talking about it, and yet he keeps on surviving. Nick Martini appears to have nine lives at this point. With the numerous additions Cincinnati has made this offseason, it seemed like only a matter of time before the 33-year-old is shown the door.

That said, Cincinnati's lack of a veteran presence in the clubhouse could be a big reason why Martini is still clinging to a roster spot. The Reds parted company with Curt Casali and Joey Votto earlier this offseason, so their veteran leadership is lacking.

Martini was responsible for two clutch moments during the 2023 season, but overall, his performance was very middle-of-the-road. Oftentimes, Great American Ball Park has a way of turning below-average players into something they're not. While he did so for an extended time, Brandon Drury used his time in Cincinnati to propel himself to a nice payday after having success with the Reds.

Martini represents a redundancy on the Reds roster. Cincinnati has several left-handed hitting outfielders. The Reds are not going to dismiss TJ Friedl, Jake Fraley, or Will Benson, so Martini should definitely consider himself on the hot seat.

Has Martini used up all nine of his lives this offseason, or is the Kansas State alum good for at least one more? Don't be shocked if Martini is DFA'd after the Reds upcoming announcement.