3 possible signings Reds should prioritize over Tony Kemp

The Reds are rumored to be interested in Tony Kemp, but there are better options.

Boston Red Sox outfielder Adam Duvall
Boston Red Sox outfielder Adam Duvall / Brian Fluharty/GettyImages
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Adam Duvall

Since the Cincinnati Reds are focused on bringing players home to the Queen City, why not add former slugger Adam Duvall to the list. While Duvall isn't from Cincinnati, he grew up just down the road in Louisville, Kentucky. Duvall played high school ball at Butler Traditional High School and starred at the University of Louisville before being drafted by the San Francisco Giants in 2010.

Duvall came to Reds by way of trade in 2015 in exchange for reliever Keury Mella. Duvall went to the All-Star Game in 2016 and was part of the Atlanta Braves World Championship team in 2021. Duvall would bring a veteran presence to the clubhouse along with postseason success.

Duvall, who, according to The Athletic (subscription required) has been linked to the Minnesota Twins this offseason, has bounced around the past few seasons, spending time with the aforementioned Braves as well as the Miami Marlins and Boston Red Sox. Last season, Duvall hit .247/.303/.531 in just under 100 games for the Red Sox.

Reds fans have seen the power that Duvall possesses. If Cincinnati is looking for that right-handed power bat to platoon with the left-handed hitting duo of Jake Fraley and Will Benson, there might not be a better option than Duvall.

In 2023, Adam Duvall posted better numbers against right-handed pitchers than he did against southpaws, and there's not much different in his career-splits either. Duvall was able to muscle 21 balls out of park a year ago, and during his time with the Reds, Duvall mashed 84 big flies and posted a .469 slugging percentage. Tony Kemp's career slugging percentage is .352.