3 free agents the Reds should sign immediately before big-market teams gobble them up

With Yoshinobu Yamamoto off the board, big-market teams who missed out on the Japanese pitcher will pivot to other free agent hurlers.

San Francisco Giants pitcher Sean Manaea
San Francisco Giants pitcher Sean Manaea / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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2. Reds should immediately sign RHP Michael Lorenzen

A reunion with former pitcher Michael Lorenzen could be just what the doctor ordered. Lorenzen left the Cincinnati Reds organization following the 2021 season. In an effort to show that he had the chops to be a starting pitcher, Lorenzen returned to southern California.

Lorenzen signed with the Los Angeles Angels during the 2021-22 offseason and then inked another free agent contract the following offseason. After beginning the 2023 season with the Detroit Tigers, Lorenzen was traded before the deadline to the Philadelphia Phillies.

While Lorenzen pitched a no-hitter with the Phillies, the right-hander was relegated to a bullpen role over the final month of the season. But Lorenzen, just like the aforementioned Sean Manaea, has the ability to work as both a starter and reliever.

The Cincinnati Reds coaching staff obviously have familiarity with Michael Lorenzen, and there's no doubt that he'd be a good fit in the clubhouse. Lorenzen pitched in career-high 153 innings last season and struck out 111 batters.

While one could argue that Lorenzen's stuff works better coming out of the bullpen, having that pitcher that can work in a dual-role is something the Reds might covet.

If Cincinnati intends to contend in 2024, they can't run out the Michael Mariots and Randy Wynns of the world when injuries befall their rotation. Adding Lorenzen would give the team tremendous flexibility.