2 Reds who have no business being on a major league roster and 1 who needs a promotion

Cincinnati Reds left fielder Aristides Aquino (44) flexes.
Cincinnati Reds left fielder Aristides Aquino (44) flexes. / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
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The Cincinnati Reds made a lot of questionable moves over the offseason, and Nick Krall is now seeing the fruits of his labor. The Redlegs have the worst record in all of baseball, and it's painfully apparent that several players on the roster have absolutely no business being in the major leagues.

Krall, with ownership's blessing, gutted this team over the offseason. Jesse Winker, Eugenio Suárez, and Sonny Gray were all traded. Nick Castellanos was not retained, and the Reds allowed Wade Miley to walk for nothing rather than pick up his club-option.

So now Reds fans are left with a cadre of less-than-productive players to cheer for in 2022. While it's still very early in the season and the Cincinnati faithful shouldn't give up hope just yet, it's obvious that some of these players do not belong in the big leagues. Furthermore, there's a young man at Triple-A who's shown his mettle in the early-going and deserves a promotion.

1. Aristides Aquino has no business being on the Reds roster.

We've been beating this drum for some time now, but it's become apparent that it's well past time for the Cincinnati Reds to part ways with Aristides Aquino. Anyone who is bullish on the Reds waiting for Aquino to "figure things out" need only look at his stat line to know that moving on is the only way to go.

Aquino is 2-for-27 this season with one home run. Yes, just like you I was hoping that all The Punisher needed was to see one go over the fence in order to straighten things out, but that is not the case. Not at all.

Aquino has 18 strikeouts on the season. That is insane! That's a 64.3% strikeout-rate! Again, that's insane! The only thing more insane might be David Bell's insistence on penciling Aquino's name onto the lineup card. Nick Senzel can't come back soon enough.

It's time to designate Aristides Aquino for assignment. While Aquino has no minor league options remaining, it's doubtful that any other team would even put in a claim. The Cincinnati Reds have better options in the minor leagues and Aquino has proven that he cannot hit a breaking ball.