Cincinnati Reds: Pete Crow-Armstrong could replace Taylor Trammell

AMARILLO, TEXAS - AUGUST 02: Outfielder Taylor Trammell #7 (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)
AMARILLO, TEXAS - AUGUST 02: Outfielder Taylor Trammell #7 (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images) /

The Reds could draft Pete Crow-Armstrong to offset the loss of Taylor Trammell.

The Cincinnati Reds sent top prospect Taylor Trammell to the San Diego Padres as part of a three-team trade that brought Trevor Bauer to the Queen City. By drafting prep outfielder Pete Crow-Armstrong, the Reds could offset the loss of Trammell and add a supremely-talented athlete to the organization.

The Reds drafted Trammell with the 35th pick in the 2016 MLB Draft. Having played both baseball and football, Trammell was a two-sport athlete coming out of high school who possessed elite athleticism. Trammell took a little bit of seasoning to realize his potential, but after playing 126 games at Double-A last season, it looks as though the 22-year-old will soon be in the majors.

If the Reds are hoping to use the 2020 MLB Draft to replace their top prospect from a season ago, they may need to look no further than Pete Crow-Armstrong of Harvard-Westlake High School. Crow-Armstrong has similar attributes to Trammell and has the looks of a future centerfielder.

According to, Crow-Armstrong rates as the No. 20 prospect among draft eligible players. On the scouting scale (20-80), Crow-Armstrong has plus-speed (60) and plus-fielding (60) as well as an above-average arm (55) and above-average hit tool (55). The only thing lacking in Crow-Armstrong’s game is power (40).

Unfortunately, in terms of what the Reds need in their farm system, a power-hitting outfielder may be more desirable. Perhaps that’s why a few different outlets, including CBS Sports, have Cincinnati selecting Austin Hendrick with the No. 12 overall pick. Hendrick, while not as athletic as Crow-Armstrong, definitely has the best pure power among the prep outfielders.

Still, athletes like Pete Crow-Armstrong don’t grow on trees. Plus, both CBS Sports and The Athletic speak of an increase in power that Crow-Armstrong possessed this spring. Had scouts been able to observe his final high school season, perhaps Crow-Armstrong would have vaulted the likes of Hendrick and Robert Hassell III, who rank higher than him according to many scouts.

The Cincinnati Reds have an athletic center field prospect in Mike Siani, who now ranks as the team’s No. 6 overall prospect according to MLB Pipeline. A former fourth-round pick, Siani possesses very similar tools to that of Crow-Armstrong. However, where Siani might have more power, Crow-Armstrong owns a better hit tool.

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Given the redundant nature of Siani and Crow-Armstrong, as well as Top 10 prospect Stuart Fairchild, it may be in the Reds best interest to entertain the idea of a power-hitter like Hendrick if both are available. Still, if Cincinnati wants to replace what they lost with the trade of Taylor Trammell to San Diego, Pete Crow-Armstrong is their best bet in this year’s draft.