Cincinnati Reds: Trevor Bauer and Michael Lorenzen chat on social media

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - SEPTEMBER 15: Trevor Bauer #27 of the Cincinnati Reds (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
PHOENIX, ARIZONA - SEPTEMBER 15: Trevor Bauer #27 of the Cincinnati Reds (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) /

Cincinnati Reds pitchers Trevor Bauer and Michael Lorenzen talked baseball, workout routines and how to throw over 100-MPH.

Trevor Bauer and Michael Lorenzen had a virtual chat the other day. The Cincinnati Reds pitchers talked everything from hitting and pitching, workout routines to the crazy idea of Lorenzen wanting to change his body. Here’s a brief recap, but if you want to hear the entire interaction, click here.

Michael Lorenzen, believe it or not, is trying to change his body. Lorenzen is one of the most physically-gifted athletes in all of Major League Baseball, so it’s crazy to hear that he is looking to change his body, right?

Bauer and Lorenzen talked about the change in routine and found that there’s some similarities. Lorenzen says the basics behind the new workout routine are gymnastics-based and the goal is to promote joint health.  While he stressed that it’s a slow process (two-year program), he’s already seeing results.

Trevor Bauer also had some frame-by-frame video of both he and Michael Lorenzen throwing. Bauer broke down some mechanical issues, talking with Lorenzen about hip rotation and leg extension. Lorenzen desires to increase his velocity above 100-MPH.

Bauer sees the movement in Lorenzen’s back hip as the biggest hurdle to his pursuit of hitting a consistent 100-MPH pitch. Lorenzen sees the benefits of talking with Bauer, who is a true student of analytics.

Lorenzen is convinced that he’s limiting himself in terms of velocity. It’s his belief that eventually 95 MPHs, which is commonplace now, will be replaced by pitchers routinely hitting 100-MPH. Lorenzen is focused on being better now than those players that will come after him. Bauer expressed similar sentiments.

Trevor Bauer asked Michael Lorenzen what the top velocity of a human being’s pitch off the mound could be. Lorenzen said it’s difficult to say, but estimated 110-MPH. In the segment, Lorenzen spoke about the difference between being a “great pitcher” and a “great thrower”.

Bauer then took it one step further and asked Lorenzen what he hopes to hit on the radar gun by the end of his career. Lorenzen said that he won’t be satisfied until he hits 110-MPH, saying that if he’s being told that 110-MPH is the limit, he won’t be satisfied until he figures out how to hit that mark. That would be impressive.

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The two Cincinnati Reds pitchers had a great back-and-forth conversation, and it only makes one long for baseball to return. There’s whispers that we could see Bauer and Lorenzen return to the mound in early-July, but there’s still several hurdles left to overcome.