Cincinnati Reds teammates Derek Dietrich and Trevor Bauer do battle


Cincinnati Reds teammates Derek Dietrich and Trevor Bauer do battle in the desert. Bauer threw some live batting practice for Dietrich. Who won, you ask?

It may not be a game, but we’ll take what we can get, right? Trevor Bauer and his Cincinnati Reds teammate Derek Dietrich drove out to the desert in Arizona for live batting practice. Bauer’s stuff looked good, but Dietrich may need another round of spring training to get back on track.

Trevor Bauer took his video equipment along for the ride with Derek Dietrich social distancing 60 feet and 6 inches away. The two Reds teammates set up a net, home plate, a pitcher’s mound and three different cameras to capture the action.

Dietrich, as only he can, had some fun with his equipment as he donned a construction workers hard hat in place of a batting helmet. Dietz claimed he got the hard hat for only seven dollars at Home Depot and did not recommend such equipment when facing a player like Bauer who can get it up there at 95-MPH or more.

Bauer backed Dietrich off the plate a few times, and as we saw the right-hander do prior to the spring training shutdown, he made Dietrich aware of what pitch was coming. To be fair, on a few occasions, Bauer snuck in some off-speed pitches when he claimed he was bringing the heat.

Dietrich connected on a few pitches, but Bauer claimed that few would’ve even reached the seats. Most Reds fans will remember Dietrich’s fall from grace following a tremendous start to the 2019, including a pinch-hit home run on Opening Day that gave the Reds the lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Dietrich signed a minor-league deal, and with the likelihood of expanded rosters, most should expect Double-D to return to the Cincinnati Reds lineup in 2020. However, his role will be much different than we saw in 2019.

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No, it wasn’t a live game, but it’s good to see both Trevor Bauer and Derek Dietrich getting some work in. Hopefully we see both Reds players return to the field very soon and baseball as a whole return to our television sets. To watch the video of Bauer and Dietrich’s live BP, click here.

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