Cincinnati Reds outfielder Adam Duvall wins off-field award

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Adam Duvall won an award for advocating against the use of PEDs.

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Adam Duvall is a member of the advisory board for the Taylor Hooton Foundation.  Foundation president Donald Hooton Jr. and Reds strength and conditioning director Sean Marohn presented Duvall with a canvas print of Duvall’s “It’s All Me” advertisement.  Fellow Red reliever Jared Hughes also sits on the advisory board.

The foundation was formed following the death of Taylor Hooton at age seventeen from the use of performance enhancing drugs.  When Taylor passed away, his family discovered the depth of the problem among young people. In turn they created a family based foundation to address the issues for other young people, both athletes and non-athletes.

While the board of directors of the foundation is comprised primarily of family members and medical personnel, one name sticks out to baseball fans – Randy Levine.  The New York Yankees named Randy Levine their president in January of 2000. He was also on the board of directors for the New Jersey Nets and the New Jersey Devils.

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In addition to partnering with MLB, the Hooton Foundation also partners with the NHL and NFL.  It also has a partnership with the New York Yankees specifically. These are the sports that tend to have the largest PED issues in their leagues, so the partnerships make great sense.

The selection of Cincinnati Reds outfielder Adam Duvall for the advisory board is a great match.

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Duvall was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1988.  He grew up just ninety minutes from Cincinnati. His journey to the Reds took most of his lifetime, though.

Duvall attended the University of Louisville to play baseball.  The San Francisco Giants drafted him as a potential slugger. Duvall climbed the minors playing corner infield.

The Reds brought him aboard when they traded Mike Leake to the Giants.  The Reds assigned Duvall to the Louisville Bats. Before long, though, Duvall was in Cincinnati.

What used to happen in baseball is that players would uproot their lives when they changed teams.

Duvall never left Louisville.  That is still where he lives during the off-season. He is still a part of that community.

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The Hooton Foundation and Adam Duvall are natural partners.  Duvall is a top notch player that has been great about the turmoil in the Reds’ outfield.  He has an All-Star Game appearance on his resume.  That he would help keep young players from using PEDs makes all the sense in the world.