Cincinnati Reds Amir Garrett looks to replicate 2017 spring training

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

After an outstanding spring training, Amir Garrett made the Cincinnati Reds rotation to start the 2017 season.

For much of last season the Cincinnati Reds rotation was in shambles.  Coming out of spring training. however, it didn’t look too dire.  That was thanks to the sudden development of rookies Amir Garrett and Rookie Davis.

Garrett led all Reds pitchers in innings pitched in last year’s spring training.  He also started more games than anyone else on the Reds.  This may have helped him get ready for the season, but it may have also worn him down.

The first three starts of the season, Garrett looked amazing.  He pitched six or more innings, allowing two or fewer runs.  To start the season he was the best Reds starter by a wide margin.

His fourth start was awful.  It was also a harbinger of things to come.  Garrett allowed ten runs and four home runs.

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April highlighted the two issues for Garrett.  He would pitched a few great games  and then an absolute stinker.  He would also usually have his down games be even worse because he allowed the long ball.

In his first six starts Garrett only failed to pitch at least six innings once.  In his next ten he only pitched six innings one time.  Six starts in he was the Reds’ best pitcher, but that didn’t last.

Amir Garrett wants to start for the Cincinnati Reds, but the team may have other plans.

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Garrett was clearly injured in May.  The Reds saw it and saw fit to put him on the DL.  He was never the same the rest of the season, as the injury lingered well into the off-season.

Even in Triple-A, Garrett was not himself.  2017 was Garrett’s worst season in the minors.  Only 2013 was close, when he had trouble adjusting to High-A.

Something made him hittable.  That same thing may keep him from starting for the Reds.

The Reds had sixteen pitchers start games for them last season with ten of those having a reasonable shot at this year’s starting rotation.

That means the Reds are potentially looking at Garrett as a middle reliever.  Garrett was actually worse against lefties than righties, so he isn’t a match-up pitcher yet.  He would fill the same role as Cody Reed did last season as the first reliever out of the bullpen in a potential blowout.

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The Reds rushed Garrett to the majors last year.  He followed that up with an injury.  Whether he starts in Cincinnati or one of the minor league teams, Garrett is a starter for the future.