Cincinnati Reds lack Hall of Fame players on current roster

(Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

The Cincinnati Reds don’t have any players likely to make the Hall of Fame.

It may seem premature to look at the rebuilding Cincinnati Reds to find their potential Hall of Fame players.  Hall of Fame players regularly get 500 plate appearances.  They also tend to have 100 RBIs, 200 hits, bat .300, belt 30 home runs or lead the league in batting average or stolen bases.

Everyone knows what a Hall of Fame player looks like.  Albert Pujols is a Hall of Famer.  So is Miguel Cabrera.

A former Red, Dave the Cobra Parker, is often mentioned as the ultimate fringe Hall of Famer.  He is the benchmark as the best recent player that is not in the Hall of Fame.  That is an honor nobody wants to own.

The Reds are currently a young team, but looking at the players that have been around a few years doesn’t help much.  National League MVP runner-up Joey Votto has made the play-offs wiithout ever advancing.  No other position player and only Homer Bailey among the pitchers were on those teams.

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The player that looks like the most likely Hall of Famer is obvious, but his candidacy is not.  Having good numbers doesn’t help nearly as much as great numbers.  Leading the league puts you in the Hall of Fame discussion, but finishing near the top doesn’t do much.

The Cincinnati Reds have a trio of players that could make a run at the Hall of Fame.

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Votto is the obvious player that everyone talks about as a Hall of Famer.  He creates runs and is an OBP god.  However, these are not the stats that Hall of Fame voters look for.

Left fielder Adam Duvall, however, has two years of 30 or more home runs and a season with more than 100 RBIs.  If he can get over the hump in the field and earn a Gold Glove, he could be on his way to Cooperstown.  Granted he needs to keep hitting home runs and driving in runs.

The other overlooked player is center fielder Billy Hamilton.  

He will likely end his career as the biggest disappointment in Reds’ history.  He is so close to being a multiple stolen base crown and Gold Glove winner that it is painful.

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Of course, things change.  Players have breakout seasons and do the unexpected.  If they don’t it may be Duvall’s power or bust for the current team of Reds to have a representative in the Hall of Fame.