Cincinnati Reds have several high end fantasy baseball players

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(Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images) /

Despite having a team with few wins, the Cincinnati Reds have several players worth having in 2018 for your fantasy squad.

The Cincinnati Reds have had some of the worst starting pitching in the majors for several years.  That has caused them to lose a ton of games.  It has also obscured some of the fantasy excellence hidden throughout the rest of the roster.

Everyone knows that first baseman Joey Votto is an elite talent.  He finished in second place in the National League MVP voting based mostly on his ability to get on base.  If OBP is a stat in your league, Votto is among the best players out there.

Take away OBP and Votto becomes a value pick.  Paul Goldschmidt arguably becomes the top first baseman in fantasy terms thanks to his steals and consistent power.  If Votto continues to drive the ball, though, he could even challenge Goldschmidt for the top spot.

The other obvious elite player on the Reds is center fielder Billy Hamilton.  If you can capture all of his steals, you can afford to have a slow team everywhere else.  He is good for 55+ steals every season.

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Hamilton needs to be protected elsewhere on your team by sluggers and guys with high batting average.  He is the opposite of Votto.  If OBP is a stat in your league, you may have to pass on Hamilton.  That may be why he isn’t a San Francisco Giant, yet.

The Cincinnati Reds have several other players worth considering in fantasy terms.

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Closer Raisel Iglesias is worth the draft pick, if the price is right.  He doesn’t get as many saves as other closers, but his peripheral stats are great.  It also helps that he gets additional strikeouts with fewer innings.

Scooter Gennett is also a good play at second base.  He adds power from a position that doesn’t often have any.  In most leagues this season, he also qualifies at third base and in the outfield in addition to second.

If you are looking for an up and comer, take a flier on Eugenio Suarez.

He is middle of the pack third baseman in fantasy terms, but has gotten better each year he has been in the majors.  You can also expect his power numbers to continue rise.

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The Reds may not be the best team in baseball, but that have at least five players worth having on your fantasy team.  Sadly, these are the same players that are most often in trade rumors.  At least they’ll likely continue to help your fantasy squad if they end up leaving Cincinnati.