Cincinnati Reds fans should enjoy Raisel Iglesias, while he is still around

(Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /

Using Raisel Iglesias as the closer for a second season will price him out of the Cincinnati Reds plans quicker than normal.

Due to his contract, Raisel Iglesias can demand that the Cincinnati Reds offer him arbitration any off-season going forward.  They signed him to a multi-year deal, but the arbitration incentive was installed for Iglesias.  As soon as he collects enough saves, he will seek arbitration, if the trade offers don’t get too enticing.

Iglesias has been in Cincinnati for two and a half seasons.  He started sixteen games in 2015.  He was also the Opening Day starter in 2016 before transitioning to the bullpen.

Since joining the bullpen Iglesias has 7 holds and 34 saves over two seasons.  His ERA has also been under 2.60 each of the last two seasons.  Iglesias appears to have become an elite reliever.  An introductory level closer usually makes more than $5-million, but Iglesias is only making $4.5-million in 2018 and $5-million each of the next two seasons.

Every year that Iglesias closes, the Reds are moving him closer to being too expensive to keep.  Closers make millions more than the average relievers.  Moving Iglesias back to middle reliver could keep Iglesias around until the Reds compete again.

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Regardless, of the what the Reds do, fans should enjoy Iglesias.  He is a solid defender and strikes out well over a batter per inning.  Iglesias is the sort of pitcher that is fun to watch mow down batters.

The Cincinnati Reds should use less valuable pitchers to close in the short term.

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With the recent signing of Jared Hughes the Reds have the ideal pitcher to slide into the closer role.  He is signed at a low rate for two years.  He could close and cost the Reds no more over the next two years.

Hughes may seem unlikely, but he has 4 saves and 66 holds over his six year career.  His 2.85 career ERA makes him a pitcher that can hold teams scoreless.  He also has 380 career relief appearances.

Meanwhile, Iglesias would be great as a multi-inning reliever.  He did some of that in 2016.  

Iglesias can own the seventh and eighth innings.  

The Reds recently signed Vance Worley to a minor league deal.  He had an awful 2017 season.  If the Reds made him their closer and he was passable, they could trade him mid-season.

The idea is to keep Iglesias around until the Reds compete again.  The Reds own an atrocious record since they traded Aroldis Chapman.  He wasn’t the reason that they lost though.

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Whatever role Iglesias is in, he is fun to watch pitch.  When he closes, the game is usually a bit more exciting too.  Hopefully, he will be around for a few more years at least.