Cincinnati Reds moving on from veteran pitcher Tim Adleman

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Cincinnati Reds turnaround

The Cincinnati Reds are going through a youth movement. So, they have traded off most of their veterans in order to become younger. With that said, the team has been opportunistic when it comes to acquiring talent. The Reds have a lot of talent simmering in the minor leagues. Albeit that, they are still struggling at the major league level.

The main cause of that is the inexperienced starting five. The Reds have auditioned several rookies in there and will continue to do so. So, they need to make room. The club has had innings eater-veterans that have taken a good chunk of the workload. Cincinnati has been the basement dwellers in the NL Central awhile, and it looks like they’ll see better days in the near future.

But at the moment, their young players are going through a learning experience. They’re not going to win 95 games in 2018. Maybe 75-80. So, let the kids feel the league out and adapt. The club will have plenty of youth to choose from. This franchise has pivoted from year to year and then overhauled to a rebuilding project.

The Reds have followed the recent success stories of the Royals, Cubs, and Astros who built from the ground up. The team had one of the most mediocre farm systems to one of the best in the MLB. They have made shrewd moves to benefit themselves in the long run like accessing the trade market and drafting well.

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With that said, the next great Reds team should consist of Luis Castillo, Nick Senzel, and Hunter Greene. That’s just those three guys. The club will also have much more talent as well. Curious? This is what they might look like in 2020.

Cincinnati Reds former starting pitcher

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Right-handed pitcher Tim Adleman has had a brief stint in the majors. At 30 years old, he was in the bigs during the 2016 and 2017 seasons. He was drafted in the 24th round in 2010 by the Orioles. With the Reds, Adleman pitched to a 4.00 ERA in ’16 and a 5.52 ERA in ’17.

His problem is giving up free passes, as his BB/9 was 3.75 last year. Also, his HR/9 was the highest of his career at 2.13. It isn’t easy pitching in a hitter’s ballpark most of the time. He has a low 90’s fastball that needs to be located or it’s going to the seats.

On December 6th, the Reds released the righty and sold him to the KBO Samsung Lions for a contract which is reportedly worth $1.05 mil. Adleman has a chance to redeem himself in Korea, as many players have gone over there and upped their stock coming back. An example would be Mike Mikolas, who just signed a nice deal with St.Louis. After being with the MLB for a little bit, Mikolas revitalized his career in Japan.

Maybe Adleman is thinking in that same mindset. Because if he pitches well over there, he will have a chunk of change when he comes back to the US.

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The Cincinnati Reds are finishing up with the youth movement. To show that, they have moved on from a veteran starting pitcher and are putting more trust in the youth. That is a nice sign for Reds fans about the direction of the organization. With that said, the team is passing the torch on to the younger arms in the organization.