Cincinnati Reds at the FanSided Winter Meetings Simulation

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This year at the FanSided Winter Meetings, Blog Red Machine represented the Cincinnati Reds.

The idea of the FanSided Winter Meetings is to represent the Cincinnati Reds, as they would likely represent themselves within the pre-set rules of engagement.

Rule #1 – No Trade Clauses Apply for the Cincinnati Reds that have them

Yes, that means that Joey Votto and Homer Bailey are just as difficult to trade in the simulation as in the real world.  FanSided has designated an agent and a commissioner to keep the blogs from abusing this idea.  Don’t forget both have stated an interest in remaining in Cincinnati.

Rule #2 – Cash and International Signing Money are tradable

This is designed to keep payrolls in check.  The side effect is that there will be no players to be named later.  It also forces teams in the simulations to address the forty man properly.

Rule #3 – Minor leaguers are fair game

The biggest issue here is the Rule 5 Draft.  You don’t want to take 15 prospects only to have to lose them to the Rule 5.  They also may take roster spots.

Rule #4 – Contract provisions are fair game, except for deferred payments

This doesn’t impact the Reds.  They should be conservative in free agency this winter.  They’ll dabble, but they won’t dive into the market.

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Rule #5 – Trades can have counter offers and teams can rescind free agent offers

Counter offers are the corner stone of the simulation.  Who does a team want?  You find out with counters.

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The Cincinnati Reds are well placed to have a busy, constructive off-season in the simulation.

The Reds claim that they are in the race for Shohei Ohtani.  Based on stated wants for the Reds, Ohtani is on their wish list.  In this simulation neither the posting fee, nor the signing bonus made economic sense.

As far as free agency goes, any player that we would sign in the simulation would need justification and/or a trade to free up funds.

The Reds need a little pitching depth and may need some help on the infield. The Reds call this being opportunistic.

For trades, however, there will not be any block busters, most likely.  The idea is stay young and also remain affordable.  The Reds also want to avoid long term entanglements, like Homer Bailey.

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Over the next several days, we will release a goals statement for the simulation,  but save assessments for the end.  We will both release trades, as well as free agent signings.  In the end there will also be a review for conversation, as always.