Cincinnati Reds recent trade of Todd Frazier actually worked out

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(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Reds appeared to trade Todd Frazier a year too early, but it actually worked out.

The Cincinnati Reds traded Todd Frazier at the height of his popularity, but it turned out that it was the right thing to do.  The Reds needed the depth that the trade brought.  Frazier, meanwhile, has aged suddenly.

Reds’ fans are well aware of Jose Peraza and Scott Schebler.  That trade also netted the Reds infielder Brandon Dixon.  All three could turn into something special.

Schebler is the starting right fielder for the Reds and appears destined to start in right or center for the team in 2018.  He batted .233 while slamming 30 home runs in 2017.  He also only struck out 125 times in 141 games, which is decent for a young , left-handed hitter.

Other teams’ pitchers exposed Peraza a bit in 2017.  He ended up batting .259, but only had an OBP of .297.  With just 5 home runs to his name, Peraza needs to get on base at a higher clip so that his 23 steals in 2017 can turn into 40 plus in future seasons.

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Meanwhile, Dixon acquitted himself nicely in 2017, playing the entire season for Triple-A Louisville, following a good fall in the Arizona Fall League.  Dixon primarily played third base in 2017, but also played first and all three outfield positions after previously playing middle infield.  He batted .264 with an OBP of .327, while hitting 16 balls out of the park.

While the players that the Cincinnati Reds are getting better, Todd Frazier has hit a turning point in his career.

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Each year with the Reds Frazier hit more home runs.  He also collected more at-bats and plate appearances.  In the end he won the home run derby at the All-Star Game hosted in Cincinnati.

Frazier’s upward trajectory continued in 2016.  He hit a career high 40 home runs and maintained an OBP of .302 despite only batting .225.  His WAR for 2016 was nearly identical to 2015 at 3.5.

2017, however, brought a slightly different Frazier.  He batted .213 with an OBP of .344.  He also took a step back in home runs, only hitting 27.

Frazier, though, seemed to get his strikeout rate under control.  In 2016 he struck out 163 over 158 games.  In 2017 he throttled it down to 125 in 147 games.

Even though Frazier is Frazier, the interest for him in the free agent market is slim.  That will change once some teams begin to sign the other corner infield options.  Frazier is still only 32.

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The Reds got the better end of the deal.  Most teams would rather have the Reds’ trio.  Frazier, however, seems more focused on getting on base than he was with the Reds.