Cincinnati Reds Rumors: Likely new home for Billy Hamilton in a trade

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The Cincinnati Reds are rebuilding

It is no secret that the Cincinnati Reds are still rebuilding. They have lost 94 games two years in a row. The team is far from competition, especially in the National League Central. The Reds don’t have many trade pieces left. Because of that, they have beefed up their farm system immensely. That will aid them in their climb back to relevancy.

They have shown that the organization is improving, just look at Baseball America’s article on their top prospects. The young guys are improving, and that’s what next season will be about as well. Overall, the team is fairly youthful. But with youth comes mistakes with which to learn from. Specifically, the rotation will need to vastly improve.

With the pitching ranking 29th in the MLB in 2017, there is plenty to tinker with. Next year will be one of experimentation and searching for assets for the future. They will be eager to see what many of the Major league ready players can do. Why not trade off what assets you  have left? Well, the Reds might do that very soon.

The Reds are still turning the roster over. So, keep doing that. Will their veteran guys be there when the team is competitive again? I don’t think so. Then keep progressing in the rebuild.

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The Cincinnati Reds’ center fielder

Speedy outfielder Billy Hamilton holds the MiLB stolen base record with 155 in one season. That shouldn’t go unnoticed. In his MLB career, the center fielder has swiped 243 bags. If he gets a base hit single, he’ll steal second. Speed is a very valuable commodity in the game today, as there are so many hefty sluggers.

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Hamilton is a switch-hitter that is known to strikeout at a decent clip. This season had his highest K rate at 21%. He isn’t a power hitter, as he relies heavily on his legs to get a base knock. The outfielder is one of the best at bunting. That is extremely helpful in the National League. So it isn’t a surprise that the San Francisco Giants are reportedly targeting him.

What could the Reds get back from the Giants? Well, San Fran doesn’t have a great farm system to choose from. Top prospect Christian Arroyo is 100% off limits.

Hamilton will have 2 seasons of control left. The Giants would love to have his defense out there at AT&T Park. I think a package headlined by Giants’ #8 prospect Aramis Garcia would do it. He is a 24-year old catcher that has an intriguing bat.

The rest of the package going back to Cincy could be #20 pitcher Sam Coonrod, who has an electric fastball, but he needs to hone his command. Also, #29 Bryce Johnson, who is speedy in his own right and can handle the bat.

The Cincinnati Reds’ outlook

That deal doesn’t look too far-fetched. The Reds won’t be getting a top 5 organizational prospect back. But, a top 10 one would be a nice return, with a lottery ticket in there too. In trading Hamilton, the Reds will be able to make way for younger guys to get a chance in the big leagues.

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The team is far away from pursuing a pennant, so acquire assets in the meantime. So if I’m part of the Reds’ front office, I’d pull the trigger on a Hamilton trade. Keep developing the system with further talent. Why keep him? They’ll still have slugger Joey Votto. Get the deal done, don’t screw up on the trade market like the 2017 Trade Deadline.