Cincinnati Reds should bring Joe Girardi aboard for 2018 season

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Cincinnati Reds should hire Joe Girardi immediately

Whatever role interests former New York Yankees and Miami Marlins manager Joe Girardi should be his with the Cincinnati Reds.  There are few people as respected in the game.  Getting him off the market while other teams are still positioning themselves is key for the Reds.

The Reds are coming out of a rebuild, but are stocked with managers, coaches, and scouts that are from that period.  Many of the scouts were with the team prior to the rebuild.  Many of the coaches were not.

The Reds need to create a culture of winning and excellance.  That is most easily accomplished by hiring winners into the organization.  That Girardi is suddenly available is a great boon for the Reds.

Girardi could be a special advisor to the general manager, like Buddy Bell.  He could be a roving catching instructor.  He could even be a consultant for all of the managers within the organization helping forming their approach to team building and in-game management or just work as a broadcaster.

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The goal here is to have Girardi within the organization when current manager Bryan Price and the Reds part ways.  Every year that is becoming more likely.  As the Reds’ talent increases, Price’s managerial shortcomings are becoming more and more apparent.

Joe Girardi would be an outstanding next manager for the Cincinnati Reds when the time is right.

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Aside from his single season managing the Marlins, Girardi’s team finished the season above .500 every season.  That’s ten consecutive season with a plus-.500 record.  The Reds are looking for one.

Girardi’s team also led the American League in wins three years in a row from 2009 through 2011, including winning 103 games in 2009.  His career win percentage is .554.  Price’s is .426.

As the Marlins’ manager, he was known for making double switches.  Early in his career with the Yankees, he established a reputation for pulling starters early in starts.  

He also loved to pitch out and put runners in motion.

While he has transitioned into being a less proactive manager, Girardi still attempts to out think his opposition.  Girardi won’t hesitate to use a pinch runner when appropriate, nor to ask his closer to make a long save in important games.  Girardi just wants to win.

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That’s what the Reds want and need.  They need to transition from the being builders to winners.  Adding a winner like Girardi would be a great step in that direction.