Cincinnati Reds first off-season priority is moving Devin Mesoraco

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Reds have begun to transition from rebuilding to contending team.

With the Cincinnati Reds wanting to begin the climb back into contention in 2018, they need to move on from former All-Star catcher Devin Mesoraco after he couldn’t win an uphill battle.  They recently sign Tucker Barnhart to an extension to be the starting catcher.  Now they just need to move Mesoraco to another team.

Mesoraco is due $13-million in 2018.  That is a large number for a back-up catcher, especially one with the Reds.  They need to find a place where he can start behind the plate.

The ideal landing spot for Mesoraco would be an American League team where he could catch and DH.  He has plus power, if it doesn’t always show.  The Reds may need to eat some of his salary too.

There is a place, though, in the National League that may make great sense.  The Arizona Diamondbacks are in need of an offensive catcher.  They have two veterans catchers, neither of which are signed long term.

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Chris Iannetta is on a one year deal and Jeff Mathis is signed through next season.  The other two catchers are their forty man roster are perennial back-ups John Ryan Murphy and Chris Hermann.  This could be a spot for Mesoraco.

The more important thing for the Cincinnati Reds is establishing some accountability behind the plate.

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With the recent injury history of Devin Mesoraco as the Cincinnati Reds starting catcher, the pitching staff has had a scapegoat.  They didn’t have a veteran signal caller.  Now, Barnhart is both veteran and respected.

In order to continue the establishment in the right direction of game calling, the Reds need Barnhart to be the man.  That doesn’t happen with Mesoraco around.  The Reds need him gone from the equation.

Mesoraco hasn’t done anything wrong aside from the injuries.

He was a decent game caller and an average MLB defensive catcher outside of his injuries.  The fact of the matter is that the Reds cannot afford to pay two starting catchers.

The other thing is that Mesoraco will either allow the Reds salary relief and/or talent back.  If they can move him without eating any salary, they can add a starting pitcher or elite bench player.  If they end up eating his salary they should get a decent prospect back.

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In any case, the Reds need to move on from Mesoraco.  He has had a nice run in Cincinnati or at least profitable one.   However, it is now time to start the era of Tucker Barnhart.