Cincinnati Reds Trade Starter Dan Straily to Miami Marlins


Cincinnati Reds Send Dan Straily to the Miami Marlins

Cincinnati Reds ship off Dan Straily, and received 3 prospects. Straily is coming off his best season by far, statistically speaking. He won 14 games and only lost 8. His statline proved to be the best among the entire Reds starting staff.  Prior to the trade, the Reds looked ready to go into 2017 with Straily and Anthony DeSclafani at the front of the rotation.

The Reds took advantage of his hot season, and sold him at his peak. In return, the Marlins sent the Reds two  right handed pitching prospects, and a 20 year old outfielder, Isaiah White. The two pitchers names are Luis Castillo, and Austin Brice. Towards the end of the season last year Austin was brought up from the minor leagues, making his first MLB appearance. His stats were all but impressive, but he shows potential. Austin is only 24 years old, and with some more time in the minor leagues he could find more time in the big show later on.

Who else did the Reds acquire?

Along with Austin Brice, who was detailed above, the trade contains 2 other prospects. Luis Castillo shows extremely strong potential, in 2016 he throwing 131 minor league innings. Throughout all of his workload his ERA was 2.26, which is highly impressive. If Luis can maintain this body of work, and keep producing the way he is, he should be able to find a spot on the Reds Roster sometime soon.

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Isaiah White is the third and final prospect being sent to the Reds. Isaiah White is a very young outfielder who played for short season class A last year. Short season class A is different than regular class A baseball, as it holds more limitations and hosts 2 different leagues. In his 2016 season he had 173 at bats, and 37 hits. That equates to a .214 batting average, and a .306 OBP. At first read it seems rather lackluster, but he’s young. Isaiah could still mature. Just turning 20 on January 7th, he still has a lot to learn.

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Where does this trade leave the Reds now?

The Reds are losing last year’s standout pitcher, and are now down another starting pitcher. Not that they can’t replace him, it’s just hard to gauge how a young player will be able to fill that new role. However it does give a new face an opportunity to prove himself, just as Dan did in 2016.  Some of the players acquired could really make a splash in the Reds lineup in the future, but for now they will have to make due with what’s readily available. With the Reds looking more towards sustaining future success than immediate championship contention, this move could pay off in the long run.