Cincinnati Reds Just Can’t Get Rid of Brandon Phillips


Cincinnati Reds front office has had three rejected trades from Brandon

Cincinnati Reds’ Brandon Phillips has the right to veto any trade due to his 10-and-5 status. That means 10 years in the league, and 5 consecutive years with 1 team. The blocked trade in November marks the 3rd time he’s used such right. Last offseason he vetoed trades with the Washington Nationals, and the Arizona Diamondbacks in addition to nearly being traded to the Toronto Blue Jays. He came back and had a relatively decent season, but that doesn’t mean the Reds still don’t want to move him

He’s 35, and getting old. He just isn’t the same flashy Brandon Phillips he was in his prime. The Reds know it, and he knows it too. This upcoming season Brandon will make 14 million dollars, and considering he might not even start, is he really worth it? With the 22 year old Jose Peraza looming over his head, Brandon might just be trying to stretch one last high-paid year out of the Reds.

Brandon Comes Away from Veto Upset

Maybe they hurt his feelings, I don’t know. Whatever it is, how did they upset him? This is the third time that they have tried to trade him . How can it possibly come as a shock to him that they want to get rid of him?

There have been many reports of his discontent. He claims he was not approached by the front office, and while that does seem unfair, it may have been necessary. In defense of the Reds, they probably knew Phillips would likely veto it. The execs were most likely trying to get a deal completely ready to go before giving Phillips the plan.

Brandon’s happiness is not a priority for really anybody right now. The Reds are trying to get him off the roster and he doesn’t want to leave. It’s time for Brandon to man up, and face reality and move on. Let someone else fill his shoes.

Cincinnati is Rebuilding Their Team From Top to Bottom

This isn’t a new thing for the Reds. Very recently they have traded away nearly every notable name they’ve had besides Mr.Phillips and Joey Votto. The front office has shipped off Todd Frazier and Johnny Cueto just in the past few years.

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The goal from all of these trades is to acquire younger talent. The Reds are not trying to get one more to piece to make a playoff run, because they just aren’t of that caliber team yet. They are looking to trade high-price, big-name guys to get other young and developing guys. They’re finally prepping for the future, and unfortunately for Brandon, they want to leave him in the past.