Cincinnati Reds should become the breast cancer awareness team for MLB

Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Reds have an opportunity to change their color to support women across America and become the breast cancer awareness team for MLB.

It can be too easy to focus on the front office in fighting of the Cincinnati Reds.  MLB doesn’t play regular season games much during October, so the Reds should offer to step up and support breast cancer awareness for all teams.  What a great signature move it would be to change the primary color of the Reds from red to pink.  Better yet, wouldn’t it be even better to change the all of the colors of the Reds EXCEPT for the red stockings that started professional baseball’s oldest franchise.

Stepping to forefront in the support of one of the most popular initiatives in America can do nothing, but make Cincinnati a more popular franchise.  Who could boo the Cincinnati BCAs?  No one would boo a team that goes around America and is the visiting team whenever a team has its breast caner awareness nights.

It’s more than just doing the thing that is right for business.  We are at an age technologically where we are getting closer than ever to a cure for various types of cancer.  The survival rate in the United States is close to 90%.  Still 500,000 women die every year from breast cancer around the world.

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MLB should take it to the next level and have every team match up with a positive social movement.

The NFL is seen in a negative light because of its issues with domestic violence and concussions.  MLB has a chance to move back toward worldwide prominence.  Already international professional soccer has taken on the colors of sponsors.  MLB could let teams focus on marketing for the social movements in their area.

We’re not talking about Black Lives Matter or a political party, here. We’re talking about traditional, large scale movements.  The United Way and YMCA both come to mind.

There will be teams that worry about the loss of marketing power.  In particular the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs will worry.  Overcoming that potentially negative financial impact could be the largest obstacle to get past.  MLB is in charge of all marketing initiatives for the teams, but this could be a step too far.

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MLB should have a team in each league try out being the breast cancer awareness team.  They could also have a stand up to cancer team in each league.  MLB knows that there is room to make a positive impact.  Cincinnati should be the team to step forward just like it did when it became the first professional team ever.