Great American Ball Park Smokestacks Catch Fire During Cincinnati Reds Game

In one of the most truly bizarre scenes you’ll ever see at a baseball game, one of the smokestacks located in right-center field of Great American Ball Park caught fire during Friday night’s game between the San Francisco Giants and Cincinnati Reds.

Sometime around the fifth inning, fireworks began going off in the middle of the game before black smoke began pouring out of the right smokestack. Fox Sports Ohio’s Thom Brennaman said during the television broadcast that the fireworks were shot off on purpose to get them out of the smokestacks before the fire set them off.

Fans sitting around the smokestacks were evacuated as the Cincinnati Fire Department worked to extinguish the fire.

Per Cincinnati Enquirer contributor Jeff Wallner, the fire was caused by a propane valve that failed and the smokestacks will not be used for a couple of days.

Via Twitter, here are some pictures from fans and reporters who were in and around the park at the time of the fire:

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