Cincinnati Reds in Review: SP Daniel Corcino


After some trying years down at the minor league level, Daniel Corcino finally got his opportunity to prove himself to both the Cincinnati Reds organization, and also Major League batters.

Once dubbed “Little Cueto” for his resemblance in stature and throwing motion-wise, Corcino may not have pitched like his Dominican native, but he showed signs of an ability to succeed at the game’s highest level.

Daniel Corcino – Starting Pitcher

Well, if you would have told me, or any Reds fan in April that Daniel Corcino would be making starts in September for the club, you were either crazy, or the Reds were in a horrendous position.

In three Spring Training games this past March, Corcino recorded only six outs, allowed eight hits, walked seven and gave up 13 runs. If you carry the one, that’s a 58.50 ERA! Sure, it’s the smallest sample size ever used, but when combined with his 5.86 ERA from Triple-A Louisville in 2013, Corcino looked like the furthest thing from a Major League pitcher in 2014.

I would love to be able to say that after his demotion back down to Double-A after both harrowing instances, Corcino roared back and tore up Pensacola; but he didn’t. While his numbers weren’t worse, he posted a 4.13 ERA and lost more games than he won. Somehow, through injuries to other pitchers, he found himself with the Cincinnati Reds.

In his short tenure, he still walked far too many batters (10 in 18.2 innings) and left a lot of room for improvement, but he made three starts and they weren’t total disasters. Running Corcino out to the mound was like placing a car on the train tracks and just hoping not to hear the whistle of the oncoming impaler.

Corcino’s Stat Line:

0-2, 4.34 ERA, 3 GS, 18.2 IP, 10 BB, 15 K, 1.23 WHIP, .188 OAV, .212 BAbip

Top Daniel Corcino Moment:

August 26 will no doubt be a day that Corcino ever forgets, as he made his Major League debut at Great American Ball Park against the Chicago Cubs.

Watching through half-opened eyes, fans almost anticipated a repeat performance from what they saw in Spring Training, which was a whole lot of Corcino yanking his head around to see where the ball would land. But on this night, it was as easy as 1-2-3. There’s no doubt Corcino has pitched perfect innings countless times, but there was never any bigger than doing it in his first Major League appearance.

Low-Point of the Season for Daniel Corcino:

All things considered, Corcino didn’t have the low point many others had. His appearance on September 5 at home against the New York Mets didn’t end well, as he allowed two home runs and three earned runs, while recording just five outs, but that particular game was a lost cause long before he entered.

They say before great triumph there must be some adversity, or significant struggle. In the case of Daniel Corcino, he struggled mightily all throughout 2013 and during the start of 2014. Many wrote him off, expectant of never seeing him in a Reds uniform. After all those low points, Corcino has finally earned himself a pass.

Final Grade: C+

Corcino will definitely be worth keeping an eye on this season down on the farm as the countdown to the Reds losing members of their starting rotation next winter begins. Should he pitch well and earn himself another opportunity, he will be one of the first in line.

Now that he has been to the show and proven he can get big league batters out, expect his confidence to soar. We may finally see the true Corcino after all.