Potential Cincinnati Reds Draft Pick Options


Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Every corner of the nation will be glued to their television sets tomorrow night, specifically for young men from the age of 18-24, hoping to realize their dream.

Some will turn away the professional lifestyle for fraternity life and aluminum bats, while others will sob tears of joy, having realized their dream of becoming a professional baseball player.

Outside of the first-round selections, many players will be mentioned on a stage, and not heard from again for many years down the line—thus is the lifestyle of a baseball minor league system.

Unlike football or basketball (or even hockey), players are not always drafted on the premise that they can immediately help the Major League squad. The Bryce Harper’s, Stephen Strasburg’s and Mike Leake’s of the world are a rare breed.

Selecting 19th overall (and 29th as well), the Reds may not have prime landscape, but there is always value to be had in the first round. Below, we will take a look at some potential landing spots for where the Reds will go with the pick(s):

Sean Reid-Foley – RHP: While he may not be a young right-hander out of Texas which the Reds have had plenty of success with in the past (Homer Bailey, Sam LeCure, Logan Ondrusek), he comes from another hot bed of baseball success. The Sandalwood High School native from Florida has a fastball in the mid-90s, with a slider and changeup mixed in. Currently, he is committed to Florida State University for next season, but turning down first-round money is never an easy proposition.

Michael Chavis – 3B: Another high schooler, Chavis is out of Sprayberry High School in Marietta, Georgia. Described as a “gamer,” Chavis is the type of player that wears his emotions on his sleeve. Already committed to Clemson University for baseball next year, that commitment might come tumbling down should Chavis receive top-20 draft pick money.

Max Pentecost – C: In what would be an interesting selection, Pentecost would be an older player (21 years old) attempting to fill a position the Reds already are loaded at, at least at the higher tiers of the organization (Devin Mesoraco and Tucker Barnhart). Now of Kennesaw State University, the Texas Rangers drafted Pentecost in the seventh round in 2011 before he decided to play college ball. While scouts like his receiving skills, a possible position shift should the Reds select him may not be out of the question, even if he is regarded as the best all-around catcher in the draft.

Joey Gatto – RHP: More than just a trendy, eye-catching, off shoot of Joey Votto, Gatto is a legitimate option for the Reds at #19. Standing a large 6’5”, Gatto is yet another prep arm the Reds are targeting. Having committed to the University of North Carolina, the St. Augustine High School product out of Richland, New Jersey, may in fact opt to get himself an education should the Reds not select him. Many mock drafts have him scattered all over the board—so, the Redlegs may be his best chance at a first-round selection.

Spencer Adams – RHP: Not the old New York Yankee who suited up alongside Babe Ruth, but rather yet another high school arm to be targeted. Out of White County High School in Cleveland, Georgia, Adams already possesses a fastball that has been clocked in the low-to-mid 90s. A fringe first round selection, Adams’ long frame and potential to get even better may sway him away from the University of Georgia.

Grant Holmes – RHP: The right-handed high schoolers keep on flowing. Out of Conway High School in Conway, South Carolina, Holmes is a unique fit for Cincinnati. On some boards, he is projected as high as a top-10 selection. Similar to in other sports, should Holmes fall in the Reds lap at #19, he may be too much for them to pass up.

Brandon Finnegan – LHP: A stark opposite of his predecessors, Finnegan is both left-handed and a college product. Out of Texas Christian University (TCU), Finnegan may wind up being the selection that makes the most sense. The club does have a history with selecting Texans (he is from Fort Worth)–and regardless of some minor injury snafus this past year—he may be the man for the Redlegs at #19.

Derek Hill – OF: Listed as an “outstanding defender,” Hill has some tremendous upside. Whether or not selecting him in the first round, and swaying him away from the University of Oregon, is the right move to make, is up to the front office. Out of Elk Grove High School in California, he seems to be more of a “fit” player for any given organization; meaning, where he is selected is based on each teams liking for a player with his skill set.

Monte Harrison – OF: Of all the players listed, Harrison may be the biggest risk. Already signed on as a wide receiver at the University of Nebraska, Harrison is a tremendous athlete with some phenomenal upside. Out of Lee’s Summit High School in Missouri, luring Harrison away from other sports may make him too much of a red flag to be selected in the first round.

* * *

If I had a voice in the matter, my vote would go to Sean Reid-Foley. His mechanics are pristine, and his fastball may only be clocked in the 90-93 MPH range, but it has so much life, it seems to jump on hitters. What seals the deal for me is his youth. Still only 18 years old, the Reds farm system will have a chance to develop yet another powerful arm.

No matter who the Cincinnati Reds go after on draft night, we will have the coverage here for you at Blog Red Machine. Stay tuned as the draft gets underway at 6 p.m. tomorrow evening.