Why Should I Root for the Reds?


Jun 17, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto (19) rounds the bases after hitting a home run during the ninth inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Great American Ball Park. The Reds defeated the Pirates 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re not a BRM Twitter follower or a person that scans our Facebook page (we could use some “Likes”), then this is new to you.

The other day an email was in the site’s inbox. The subject read “Why should I root for the Reds?” After about a half a day of thinking over some of my personal reasons, the idea hit me to ask, well, not just the staff, but other Reds fans.

With that, I posted the email on BRM’s Facebook page and provided a link on our Twitter to Facebook so that other Reds fans could respond.

First, here’s the letter…

"To whom it may concern, My name is Brandt, and I have been an avid baseball fan for nearly a decade. I have flirted with a number of teams, initially the Red Sox and recently the Dodgers. However, I have always become disenchanted with the way those clubs so easily lose their identity in the greedy and expensive pursuit of success. Therefore, I have embarked on an investigation to find the perfect franchise to follow for the rest of my life…which is where you come in.The Reds are one of the teams on my final shortlist, and I would like to give actual Cincinnati fans the chance to put together an argument why I should support the ballclub. I would greatly appreciate any insight you can give me into what it is like as a Reds fan, and highlight any motivating factors to sway my allegiance towards Cincinnati. I look forward to hearing from you.Thanks in advance,Brandt."

Second, It didn’t take long for those on Facebook to provide Brandt with a little insight on the Cincinnati Reds.

Josh: 1990, GABP, Marty, Joe, WLW, Riverfront, Pete Rose, Schottzie, The Cowboy, Crosley, Bench, Jr., Bruuuuuuuce, Votto, Votto, Votto! Hooters Ferry, CHOOOOO! Skyline, WKRP, I-75, Riverboats, Fireworks, Chapman, NL, Wire-to-wire, Gapper, Rosey, Mr. Redlegs, Redsfest, Perfect Game, Homer no-hitter, AND I’M SURE THE REST OF YOU CAN CONTINUE THE LIST……

And Reds fans did continue…

Jamie: Mr. Brandt, as the original major league baseball team, we as Cincinnati reds fans love our Redlegs to a level that sometimes borders on obsession (namely, myself!). We are a passionate, but, respectful bunch that lean on every pitch and at-bat. Our main radio guy, Marty Brennaman is truly one of the legends in the game and gives play-by-play like no other. We currently have one of the best starting pitching staffs in the league and one of (if not the most) electric closer in the NL. A prominent 1st baseman, flamboyant 2nd baseman and a manager that despite us Reds fans giving him a hard time about some occasional moves, has the Reds as one of the best teams in the league since his arrival. May this be of good use to you in your quest, sir, to accept the Reds as YOUR team.

Nate: 1869, 1882, 1919, 1939, 1940, 1975, 1976, 1990. Frank Robinson, Pete Rose, Eppa Rixey, George and Harry Wright, Asa Brainiard, Bid McPhee, Bubbles Hargrave, Edd Roush, Tony Perez, the Nasty Boys, The Great Eight, the Big Red Machine, Sparky, Sweet Lou, Dusty, Barry Larkin, Eddie Taubensee, Paul O’Neill, Greatest City on Earth!

Anthony: The Reds organization is full of firsts. Many to which have shaped baseball into what it is today. First night game, first team to wear numbers, first team to have fireworks, THE FIRST PROFESSIONAL TEAM!!, first team to travel by plane to an away game, first (and only) undefeated season, and many, many more. Heck, the Reds got expelled from the NL for their refusal to stop selling beer at ballgames (accompanied with renting out the stadium on Sundays). That alone is enough to love a team. The term “Ace” of the rotation comes from Asa Brainiard. OPENING DAY. It’s difficult to describe what it’s like to be a Reds fan. You have to see Opening Day to believe it. You have to go to Redsfest. You have to visit the Reds Hall of Fame. You have to defend Cincinnati chili against all the out-of-towners that come in and bash it. You have to love the workhorses. The blue-collar players. You have to love hustle and get mad when any player doesn’t play like Pete Rose. And you have to love Pete Rose. It is way too difficult to describe what it’s “like” to be a Reds fan, but I do know that we have a long, storied history and it feels magnificent to be a part of its present.

Susan: First team. Stayed true to their city and their fans (not moving for a better offer elsewhere). REDSFEST! Opening Day celebrations! BEST Hall of Fame anywhere (outside of national Hall). Fan Zone. Fireworks Fridays! Great opportunity to watch future stars just a short drive north of Cincy!

John: Because the last two World Series they were in they swept both teams….And they aren’t the Cards!

Did our great fans ever come through.

That all said, here’s my two cents, Brandt. I’m willing to say what you’re about to read might not be exactly what you had in mind when you sent your email.

From reading that email, the big market spending frenzy has gotten to you. Well, small market teams don’t have that luxury of those open wallets and the ability to write blank checks. Honestly, it can get pretty frustrating. You know your team has a hole on the roster, yet there’s not a damn thing the team’s front office can do to fill it.

Why? Your team doesn’t have the payroll “flexibility” to absorb big money contracts.

Even if your favorite team possesses all THAT money, it may not necessarily work. Look at the Dodgers. Highest payroll in baseball. Where are they in the standings? They sit in last place in their division.

No matter which team you decide on rooting for, you will have ups and downs. You said you were looking for the prefect franchise. Well, it doesn’t exist. But you know something, that’s part of being a fan. Experiencing those roller coaster rides.

Even though I was born in Michigan, I didn’t get into baseball until after my family had moved to Ohio. Don’t recall watching Tigers games on the TV or listening to them on the radio (remember going to one though), but the first TV game I recall is a Saturday afternoon game and the Reds were playing.

Choosing a team to root for these days is vastly different compared to the 1970’s when I became interested in the Cincinnati Reds. Obviously, there was no Internet to watch games on MLB.tv. There were no regional sports networks. No cable. No Dish or DirecTV.

Our readers and myself can provide you this laundry list of reasons to become a Reds fan, but to me, quite frankly, none of that has any bearing. We cannot convince you to become a Reds fan.

When you “select” your favorite team, you should do so with one and only one place – your heart. You want to root for them forever, might as well love them whatever the circumstances.

I will add one last thing, Brandt. This shirt says it all…