The Debut of Blog Red Machine’s Friday 5


Mar 12, 2013; Goodyear, AZ, USA; Why does this remind me of Bill Murray and Caddyshack? (Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports)

Some seriousness and some silliness will mark the debut of BRM’s Friday 5. Actually, will be that way every week now that I think about it. Just want to point out a handful of things that strujck me as odd or funny or peculiar.


In light of yet another bullpen fiasco, the Reds winning streak at Wrigley Field came to a halt at an even dozen. No “Baker’s” dozen either and there is more social media pining for Aroldis Chapman even when there is no save situation.

And in some situations, I could go so far to say, most situations, it is hard to argue against not using its most talented arm.

But something else was spawned out of yesterday’s loss. I guess there was a bit of a Twitter backlash against Sam LeCure and we know Twitter doesn’t always play nice. Sam’s response…

Of course a few took this as a bad sign since players should have thick skin, blah, blah, blah.

While this isn’t getting near as much chatter as Jay Bruce and his Twitter rant (or shall I say Twitter walk-off), it does make one wonder why in the world any popular figure would even consider having an account on Twitter. And if he/she did, why even make the damn thing public?


How good have Reds pinch-hitters been over the past couple of seasons? You know who to ask.

Wait. Someone calling for Dusty to get credit? Not sure how well that went over, Joel…


I venture to say more than a few of us have been to a game at Great American Ball Park. There’s always some newness to it, right?

Okay, but I didn’t know this?!?!?

A couple of BRM followers in conversation here. If memory serves me correctly, KyRedsGal talking about deep-fried Snickers. NDD_ESQUIRE tells us of the Twinkies and Oreos. And I missed out? Call me out of that loop.

Well at least you can probably still get deep-fried Oreos at the Machine Room.

Aw, crap. I just gained a few pounds reading this…


The Atlanta Braves will be giving away a

B.J. Upton

bobblehead on Thursday, June 20. Here’s a peek.

Notice that is shows Upton in the field and not at the plate. I’m thinking someone within the Braves organization knew something. Upton currently owns a triple slash of .161/.259/.280.

Just sayin’…


Finally, two of my Twitter are centered around the beat writers, one for the NL and one for the AL. (Sometimes I can be a little organized!) Read this and got to thinking.

All right, Joe. We’ll submit that for everyone’s viewing pleasure and maybe even more pleasure from Ohio State fans…

Good thing Robinson’s not expected to play QB in the NFL, huh?