Reds 5 at 5: Reds Lineup, WLW, More


Sometimes we get a little overzealous (not in a bad way) in our excitement as spring training approaches. I like to think we all mean well when expressing that. Apparently, not everyone is on board with that. Know something, I could care less about today being National Signing Day. In fact, I have avoided Twitter like the plague today so I wouldn’t have to see the infinite ramblings about it.

Our 5 at 5 today: Broadcasting news takes front and center. Jim Kelch is queried about the Reds starting lineup, and the Reds extend their agreement with The Big One.

1. Kelch on the Reds lineup

I looked at the Reds potential starting lineup about three weeks ago. Broadcaster Jim Kelch was asked about his opinions regarding the Reds lineup.

I agree with Kelch’s take on Brandon Phillips. BP will be an integral part of the 2013 Reds lineup and this all tie into today’s #3, but #2 is something that has me particularly excited.

2. Reds and WLW have a new deal, too

Earlier today, the Reds and Mike Leake reached a new deal in order to avoid an arbitration hearing. The Reds made an agreement yesterday which grabbed less headlines.

Many of us grew up on listening to the Reds on WLW. Many today still do. Well, you will until at least 2017 as the Reds and WLW extended their deal. WLW will also remain the flagship station for the Reds Radio Network. Upon this news, Marty Brennaman had this to offer (via John Fay):

"“There’s been no greater marriage than Reds radio and WLW radio. And it’s great for our fans to know that this relationship will continue.”"

2013 will mark Marty’s 40th year as a Reds broadcaster. Those of my age (and I will not fully divulge such) can remember that Marty replaced Al Michaels, who had left in 1974 in order to do play-by-play for the San Francisco Giants.
WLW became the flagship station of the Reds in 1969.

June 9, 2012; St. Louis, MO, USA; Choo puts the ball in play against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. (Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports)

3. Sports Illustrated says Reds did pretty darn well over the winter

SI’s Jay Jafee believes the Reds had themselves a nice winter. Jaffe addresses the trade that brought Shin-Soo Choo to the fold, the situation at closer concering Jonathan Broxton and Aroldis Chapman moving into the starting rotation, and even notes the numbers Jason Donald produced in 2012 and how they were still better than those of Wilson Valdez and Miguel Cairo.

Much has been said (even here) about the “trade off” of Choo’s offense in favor of the defense of Drew Stubbs. I’m sure 2013 will serve as a year where many a confrontation between the Choo and Stubbs fans will happen over this very issue. Jaffe offers this:

"The Reds didn’t give up all that much in their bold move to acquire Choo, and even if they created one problem with their outfield defense, they shored up a more glaring one with their leadoff spot; more baserunners in front of Joey Votto is never a bad idea."

This indirectly links in to what Jim Kelch said in the video. Choo on base and advanced with BP’s bat puts Choo in scoring position and provides Votto more chances to drive in runs.

If all goes according to plan, that is.

4. No Carp for the Cards in 2013

I’m sure this news didn’t pass by you yesterday. The St. Louis Cardinals announced that Chris Carpenter is once again experiencing the neck and arm issues which saw him miss the cast majority of the 2012 season. Those recurring issues may force Carpenter to miss the entire 2013 season and could bring an end to his time in a Cards uniform. He will be a free agent after this year.

I know there are Reds fans that expressed extreme pleasure with this news. Should make the Reds chances to repeat as division champs a little easier (note: a little easier, not a lot). There are issues hanging over Jamie Garcia and his shoulder and Jake Westbrook, but don’t forget the Cards have the young arms of Shelby Miller, Joe Kelly and Trevor Rosenthal.

We may dislike Carpenter, the person, the Cardinal, but watching Carpenter the competitor was truly something to behold. Guy never gave in on anything. GM Walt Jocketty says Carpenter was a fave.

5. More Rolen news

Sort of…

Any deal between Rolen and the Los Angeles Dodgers appears to be off, this according to Ken Gurnick of I never thought the Dodgers were a legit landing place for him anyway. Rolen wants remain close to home.

We know what this all means. More Rolen speculation in Cincinnati.