Reds 5 at 5: Selig Won’t Discuss Pete, Opening Day Tix, More


I’m positive Reds fans around the world are still on cloud nine after yesterday’s formal announcement of Cincinnati hosting the 2015 All-Star Game. Even MLB’s Facebook page had something about it. I shared a pic from there on BRM’s FB page, so give it a look…and, of course, please give our page a “Like”.

July 10, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; National League outfielders Andrew McCutchen (left) , Jay Bruce (32) and Bryce Harper (34) talk in the outfield during a pitching change during the 2012 MLB All Star Game at Kauffman Stadium. (Peter G. Aiken/USA TODAY Sports via USA TODAY Sports)

And imagine having the likes of these guys playing in the ASG when it is held at GABP. That’s a pretty nice outfield, don’t you think? It could surely repeat itself in 2015. Now that I think about, these three guys pictured here could very well be the NL’s starting outfield in 2015!

A couple of thoughts from yesterday’s news and a few more for your Thursday evening conversation.

1. Bud won’t speak about Pete

So MLB Commish Bud Selig was asked about Pete Rose and potential involvement by the Hit King come 2015..

Now I know those that have longed for Pete to be reinstated loved seeing that Selig was put to a test here. Selig declined comment for good reason. That’s not a defense for the Commish either. Yesterday’s announcement wasn’t about Pete in any shape or form. It was about the Cincinnati Reds and the city. Yes, Pete is part of the fabric of organization and the city. Nary a soul would be foolish enough to deny that.

Add this. The ASG in Cincy isn’t until 2015. Selig is said to be retiring after the 2014 season. Whoever is his successor will have this situation to address as I cannot see Selig ever visiting the issue. That goes for reinstatement as well.

Selig had previously granted permission to allow the Reds to celebrate the 25th anniversary of hit #4,192. With restrictions, of course. Rose also was among those selected to MLB’s All-Century Team and was on the field at Fenway Park for its announcement during the festivities surrounding the 1999 All-Star Game. Selig had to approve that as well.

2. Urban Youth Academy receives $1.5 million

MLB will be delivering a load of cash for the development of the UYA in CIncinnati. I touched on this the other day. With all the expectations surrounding the ASG announcement, I was afraid this would get put on the back burner. During yesterday’s presser, the UYA and the donation were announced first and had more play among those that delivered any type of address to the gathered mass than the ASG.

3. Tickets!!!

First, there was obviously (and there still is) the foreseeable clamor for info regarding ASG tickets. In order to nab any ASG tix, you’re most likely going to need to know someone who knows someone who knows someone…at least. I envision a “C” note as a starting point.

There have been numerous comments made (most on about how the team will deal with allocating the tickets. There will obviously not be the usual allotment available for big events such as the ASG.

It could be something similar to how the team doles out Opening Day tickets.

You want those? In order to get Opening Day tickets, you have to go this link on You register for the chance to purchase Opening Day tickets. You have until noon ET on February to register. All the pertinent details are on the page where the link takes you.

Please note that this is conducted the the Reds and not Blog Red Machine. Good luck!

4. What if…

I know there are a few soccer fans out there. Personally, I like watching watching “the beautiful game” myself.

What if…baseball jerseys were in a style similar to that of soccer? Well, you needn’t imagine as one person has taken this idea to a level that I find brilliant.

Mark Willis of has a series where he takes all of the MLB teams and incorporates this very thought. In a series he titles “Soccer Out of Context”, Willis looks at every division (as of yet, the AL West is yet to be unveiled) and some of the looks are stunning and imaginative. Within each post, Willis has a link to all the others he has created.

The most compelling aspect to me is that Willis simply doesn’t have a design, put it on his site, then say, “There ya go.” No, he takes everything an extra step and explains every detail on how he designed each one.

For the NL Central designs, head here and enjoy. I think viewing the others will be enjoyable, but don’t simply look at these. Read on the how and why. That is what makes this project.

5. Reds Minor Leagues looks over 2012 draft

With the way these interwebs work, we can access a lot of information in very little time. One facet that has exploded over the years is that of prospects and the MLB draft. I’ve touted Doug Gray and his site Reds Minor Leagues before and I will do so again.

Today, Gray looks at the Reds 2012 draft class and how the selections fared in their first season within the Reds organization.