Reds Have an Off Day…What to Do


With last evening’s 2-1 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates, thus completing a sweep of the Bucs, Reds fans (and maybe even the players themselves) may not have wanted to see an off day. That’s the way the schedule works, I guess. The Good Guys head to Miami to get a glimpse of the new Marlins Stadium. That ought to prove to be interesting.

Sep 12, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Reds fans hold up brooms for the Reds three game sweep over the Pittsburgh Pirates at Great American Ball Park. The Reds defeated the Pirates 2-1. (Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE)

Here’s a few ramblings for today…

1. There is one team that might have a say in the whole wild card scenario. Before I divulge this team, take a seat and strap yourself in. Ready? That team is the Houston Astros. No, I am not joking. For the remainder of the season, the ‘Stros will play Philly (4), at St. Louis (3), Pittsburgh (3), St. Louis (3), and at Milwaukee (3).

All four teams that Houston plays currently have eyes on that second wild card slot. Houston could put a major dent in the Cards hopes as they have six games yet to play against. Their last series at Miller Park could prove to be the most pivotal. And think about this…

The current roster configuration for Houston is comprised of guys that will want to make a big impression on GM Jeff Luhnow and the rest of the Astros front office. Those players will literally be fighting for 2013 roster spots.

2. That all being said, the Cards have one of the easier remaining schedules among all wild card contenders. Not only do they have two series against the Astros, they also have a three-game set with the Chicago Cubs in Chicago. Tonight, St. Louis heads up the west coast to begin a crucial four-game series with the Dodgers. And the Dodgers also have designs on the second wild card spot, too.

Here’s how the Cards look for the rest of the 2012 regular season schedule: @ LAD (4), HOU (3), @ Cubs (3), @ HOU (3), WAS (3).

3. Ever wonder what having a second wild card team does? It creates excitement in games that might ordinarily not. Even though tonight’s MLB schedule isn’t a full one, of the nine games that are on tap, only two do not have some type of postseason implications attached: Seattle-Toronto and Kansas City-Minnesota.

And the free game today is Oakland at LA Angels. If you haven’t had the chance to watch the A’s this season, I highly recommend giving this game a look-in at least. Game time is 3:35 PM.

4. All right, what’s the deal with the woos, howls, yowls, or whatever you want to call it? Some Reds fans think it’s completely stupid because it originated (as best as I can tell) in Pittsburgh. Others feel is just plain dumb regardless of the origin. If you checked out Lance McAlister’s blog yesterday, you found that it came to be at a Penguins game, not a Pirates game. Pens fans have been doing something like this for years when they played their home games at Mellon Arena.

In other words, it’s far from being original or a new thing. While I don’t take a huge issue with it, I will say two things.

One, if you are going to participate, please plan and find an appropriate time to do so. Randomly “wooing” throughout a game can be somewhat annoying although I have yet to mute my TV due to this. Maybe after every opposing player records an out? Just throwing that thought out there.

Two, if you are saying you will neither attend nor watch a Reds game merely because of “this”, I have to ask…Seriously? It is silly, but if you can’t have a little fun at the game, what’s the point in even going?

And in case you’re wondering, I have seen tweets stating both.

Personally, I would like to see some type of “rally cry” that has a little more originality, but this “woo” has taken a hold on GABP…for the time being. Maybe when the Good Guys get back home, it will have lost a little momentum.

Who am I kidding…

5. With the Reds off today and the Cards locked in a game with the Dodgers later this evening, the magic number could fall to 7 if the Dodgers win. Wonder what name the gang over at Reds Countdown will have for #7…

Mariano Duncan? Don Werner? Kevin Mitchell? I’m going out on a limb and say it won’t be Russ Nixon.

6. Don’t know if our readers follow Local 12’s Katie Clavey on Twitter. If you don’t, you must. Katie is WKRC’s social media champ. She provides all sorts of local information (sports and non-sports), and you could very well find a thing or two do to today since attending a Reds game is not an option. You get other newsy info as well. Here’s what I caught on her Twitterfeed today…

– Tomorrow morning on Good Morning, Cincinnati, they will be giving away Bengals tickets.
– Nick and Vanessa Lachey welcomed Camden John Lachey into the world last evening at 6:54 PM. I know it’s made the rounds within the Twitterverse. BRM offers huge congrats to Nick and Vanessa! Need to get Camden some Reds gear! Here’s an idea!
– A link with info for the Great American Beer Run (figured that would get a little attention!)

And yes, I check it every day.

7. Last thing, head over to BRM’s Facebook page and engage in a little Reds Q&A. A thread is open over there, so come and join in the festivities!

Relax and enjoy your Thursday as there will be no lineup to question.