The Utility Player: Playing Time, Elimination, Nuxy and the Frick


So the big to-do has been due to some comments Reds manager Dusty Baker made regarding what could happen with Todd Frazier once Joey Votto returns. As suspected, the masses are in outrage. One outlet proclaimed that Frazier will be sent to the bench. Hardball Talk made it sound like Frazier would never see the light of day again. Don’t have to go too far to find others either.

One. And I haven’t said this in a while…Really? For those pinning Dusty as saying the 2012 NL ROY will be bench ridden…Really? I heard Dusty say he will have to find time for Frazier. It will be difficult, sure, but are we honestly attempting to…

Never mind. Of course you are. Forget number two then…

The instant fix for many would be to simply have Frazier go ahead and assume his role as third baseman. No other moves need be made. I have no issue with that route even though I am a fan of Scott Rolen. That’s the ideal scenario here, isn’t it? Alas, we know that’s not how it will work.

This is all extremely reminiscent of the “battle” last season between Jonny Gomes and Chris Heisey for the left field starting job. For every point any Reds media member threw at Baker in favor for one, he countered with one for the other, usually a complimentary one for Gomes as many in the masses were crying for Heisey.

Don’t think any of that worked out in the end. Why do I say that? This team would not have a) traded Gomes and b) signed Ryan Ludwick. That all looks good right now.

And we know the penchant with Dusty playing the more experienced guys, too.

What will be intriguing is seeing how this could effect Baker. He’s been rattled this season more than seasons past due to public outcry. Don’t see why this wouldn’t generate one either.

There’s no debate how instrumental Frazier has been to Reds success this season. The Reds would be lost without his services, and Dusty states such. Who fills in for Rolen? Who fills in for Votto? Before this season, teh answer was Miguel Cairo. Think about that for a few seconds, then, rid your mind of that thought.

Taking all of this into consideration, if Baker decides the way of Rolen, I must ask…

How in the blue blazes do you sit a guy with a slash of .293/.350/.558 with 18 HR, 58 RBI and 94 hits, which is 5th on the team?

The correct answer is you don’t.

Astros Will Be Eliminated

With the next Reds win or Houston Astros loss, the ‘Stros will be eliminated. Let that sink in for a bit. Now I will repeat. With the next Reds win or Astros loss, the Astros will be eliminated from contention to win the National League Central Division.

It’s August 24th! A team could be eliminated today? Yep, today, and it should be of no surprise that it is Houston. People pile on the team, but they have truly earned it. I will remind everyone of a point I’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions.

The date: May 25, 2012. Houston is 22-23 after defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers and the team rests only 3 games behind the Reds. Since that date, the Astros are a deplorable 17-63 (.213) and have been stripped of any MLB talent that once resided on its roster. For the third straight season, big names and big dollars were dealt in the hopes to rebuild as they prepare move to the AL West next season.

But it’s August and you’re about to be eliminated from the division race.

In the lighter side of news, The Astros “own” a “magic number” of 9 for complete elimination. Yes, Houston can be completely eliminated from any post-season chances before we reach September.

Vote for Nuxy!

Here’s a chance to our beloved Joe Nuxhall into the Baseball Hall of Fame. We can vote Nuxy in, but here’s the complete details.

First, head over the Hall’s Facebook page. Click on “’13 Frick Voting”. You must “Like” their page in order to vote. Once you like their page, another page will appear requesting info. Read this page carefully. Don’t skim it. After completion of this page, the voting page will appear with all of those up for nomination. There are 8 pages of “nominees”. You can vote for Nuxhall simply by clicking on the box to the left of his name. (I believe his name is listed on page 5.). You can only vote once per day unlike the All-Star Game and its 25 deal.

Remember…VOTE NUXY!!!

Speaking of Voting…

Look over to the right here and vote in our poll. Straight forward this one is. Call up Billy Hamilton in September?