Reds Skid Reaches 5 – What’s Going On?


The answer is nothing. Nothing is going on, at least nothing out of the normal. What was abnormal was a Phillips/Votto-less Reds team winning 13/14 games. Averaging 5.2 runs a game during that time. That’s abnormal, considering the Reds only average 4.2 on the year. But we enjoy the ride nonetheless.

The Reds didn’t run into a scorching hot Milwaukee team that is just playing great baseball. They were just swept by the Cards prior to the Reds coming into town. What’s happening currently is nothing other than the law of averages coming to the surface. That’s the beauty of baseball. That’s why nerds like me obsess over statistical figures, because like it or not, they tell the story. The best thing about a 162 game season is that it holds players accountable – most will play to the tune of their baseball card. And like all stats, there will be outliers – I.E., hot streaks, periods of time where guys play beyond their Topps. But it doesn’t last forever. The Big 162 doesn’t allow it.

Offense in baseball is incredibly fickle and can by no means be relied upon. Kind of like the weather. There’s 40% chance of rain today. You going to walk around all day with your umbrella?

Losses will amount, sometimes consecutively. In Wednesday’s case, the Reds take another L on the chin while resting guys like Rolen, Stubbs, Cozart, Hanigan. If you’re furious about these guys getting the day off, then perhaps this isn’t your sport. In an age of instant gratification, maybe it’s hard to see past a 24 hour period. Maybe you’re disgruntled with the Skipper for not trying to salvage Game 3 of a three game set with the 4th place Milwaukee Brewers on August 8th. But unlike your MLB 2K12 game, you can’t just turn fatigue off. Getting guys rest for the remaining 51 games is just more important.

Yesterday’s loss, just more of the same. Three runs. Not a whole lot else. But for whatever it’s worth, the Reds did turn in their third straight quality start. I considered it more noteworthy while the Reds were winning that the SP was doing so poorly more than I did the number of consecutive wins.

11 runs in five games? Big deal. Has already happened. In fact, from the last game with the Cardinals to the last game with the Diamondbacks, immediately after the All Star break, the Reds only scored 12 runs in that five game stretch.

Skids happen. Your 2011 World Series Champions lost seven games in a row. I’m sure fans in STL were ready to jump of the arc, while fans in Cincinnati notice the big purple bridge looking a bit more inviting. The World Series Champions of 2010 managed to lose five games straight, then seven games straight, all within a month. 2009 World Series Champion Yankees? Lost 5 in a row too.

A bad skid doesn’t define an entire season. The last four World Series champions have all incurred losing streaks of five games or more. The 2010 Reds managed to drop five straight as well – twice.

Step back from the ledge, friends.