Questions for Reds as Trade Deadline Nears


You know what they say about opinions….they’re like…and everyone has one.

I offer these questions for your consideration and they are based off what the interwebs have taught me today as the non-waiver trade deadline looms.

1. How confident are you in the Reds starting rotation?

Many have stated that the rotation is a big reason the Reds have been so successful in 2012. Compared to last season, that a point that would be extremely difficult to argue. Even with that, this Reds staff does have questions. You have at least one surrounding each of the five: the health of each, and I say that only because the Reds have not had to rely on any other arms except for their current (and only) five.

Last year, both Johnny Cueto and Homer Bailey spent time on the DL…twice. I know the Cubs Matt Garza is a name we’ve heard of late…and he’s dealing with an injury. Still, Garza is an upgrade to this rotation and he has postseason experience.

Add that we must be honest with ourselves and ask if Leake is ready to toss 180-200 innings. He’s on that course.

2. Does current performance overshadow overall performance?

It can and does. Case in point wold be Drew Stubbs. Even with the fantastic road trip and an NL Co-Player of the Week (shared with “Mr. I’ll Home Run Trot a Foul Ball” Carlos Gomez), some Reds fans were calling for Stubbs to be dealt. Some may have reversed their feelings. Some, obviously not.

One side note on Stubbs before I go on. This Reds regime truly holds to the common belief that strong defense up the middle of the filed (catcher, second base, shortstop and center field) is an essential to be a contender. Stubbs fits that build despite what some defensive metrics suggest. He usually won’t make a spectacular looking ply BUT it seems he will get to most balls “other center fielders” don’t.

Seeing his opposite field home run last night is a positive, encouraging sign.

Hey, I don’t like the strikeouts any more than some of you do.

3. The Reds missed out on (insert non-Reds player who was linked to the Reds name here).

As of this morning, we learned that talks ceased between the Phillies and Reds on potential Shane Victorino or Juan Pierre deals. The Twins price is reportedly too high for Denard Span.

(Note: Kind of strange this Span rumor hasn’t had more legs to it.)

So look at the possible deal the Phillies could be getting from the Dodgers for Victorino. The Phils are rumored to be getting Josh Lindblom and another prospect in return. If the scuttlebutt from Paul Daugherty was true that the Reds had a straight-up Victorino for Logan Ondrusek deal, I think the Reds would have taken that.

My instincts tell me that this wasn’t the total deal after seeing what the Dodgers may have to give to acquire Victorino’s services. Plus, we saw tweeted yesterday (I know it doesn’t make it true, but the source was Jon Heyman…the real one!) that the Phils asking price for Victorino was high. I like Ondrusexy and all, but that deal gets done if it’s one guy for the other.

(Note: Official…Victorino to the Dodgers for Lindblom, prospect Ethan Martin and PTBNL or cash.)

And when it was stated that Pierre was no longer a trade target, we saw tweets stating the Reds had never viewed him as a viable option…when last night we read tweets saying the exact opposite. Blowing smoke? You betcha! Hey, isn’t that part of what makes the trade deadline so fun?

4. The Reds just need to make a deal!

It never ends. Today, I seen this said/tweeted at least 20 times. No, the Reds don’t have to make deal. Any potential trade has to make sense from a team perspective, not ours.

That said, here’s your chance! What deal do you think makes the most sense for the Reds? I’ll be here until the deadline passes.