Sunday ‘Funnies’: Lastros Money, Joey Who, Memes…More


A few things I discovered that are hilarious…or maybe not…

1. The highest paid player on the Houston Astros roster is…

Before I divulge the player, I want to make a clarfication. You have to be playing for the Lastros in order to qulaify. At the beginning of this season, that “honor” would have fallen on the shoulders of Carlos Lee at $19MM. Since all the dealing the Lastros have done (they have traded away their top 5 salaries), their highest paid player is…

Francisco Cordero…with a salary of $4.5MM.

At the beginning of 2012, Houston had four players making more than Cordero: Lee ($19MM), Brett Myers ($12MM), Wandy Rodriguez ($10.5MM), and Brandon Lyon ($5.5MM).

Yes, that IS funny. And get this. Next on the list is Jed Lowrie…at $1.15MM. Houston’s Opening Day payroll was approximately $60.8MM. It is significantly lower now to less than $38MM.

And for the next two years, Houston will “contribute” more than $10MM of salary to Pittsburgh (in a manner of speaking) for Rodriguez? I remember “back in the day” a term called “new math”…

Oh, and the Astros keep moving guys. Third baseman Chris Johnson was dealt to the Arizona Diamondbacks today. A pair of Double-A outfielders was the haul. Farm systems is looking all right. Insert your sarcastic comment here…

2. ‘Joey who?’ tweets.

If you’re tweeting this without the #sarcasm hashtag and/or you actually mean it, you need some type of intervention and your fan card needs to be revoked. I realize some, if not most, are in jest, but…

The Reds and no Joey Votto? What would the alliance do? I keep hearing What Would Brian Boitano Do? going off in my head after saying that. Sure, YouTube that if you must.

I’ll tell you what. How about there is no Votto for the remainder of 2012? How secure would you be for the remainder of the season? How secure would you be in the Reds chances to win the NL Central, the National League and the World Series? Be honest now. Thought so.

All the wins without Votto playing is simply superb, and there is a significant chance that cannot be repeated once Votto returns.

More on the 10 in a row in a bit…

At least you’re not writing or tweeting the Reds should trade JV, and that the Reds front office is regretting his contract. I’m still shaking my head over reading a recent “piece” stating such. As one BRM Twitter follower put it…”I felt robbed.”

3. Wanting trade info? There are some NOT to ask.

I understand every fan wants to get the slightest bit of trade fodder. With Twitter, we always want to tweet some type of breaking news before others especially if you are a writer or even if you’re a fan. Kind of nice if you’re the first one to “break” such news.

I’ve had the BRM Twitter account for the last three trade deadlines and for each of those three years, I’ve seen fans ask FSO’s Jim Day and Better Off Red‘s Jamie Ramsey about trade scuttlebutt. And for three years, I’ve read numerous tweets from both Jamie and JD stating neither will become involved in any trade rumor, opinion or speculation. Yet, people continuously ask.

One. Jamie can’t. He’s an employee of the Reds. Even if he did actually know, he cannot let anyone know. It’s called confidentiality.

Two. JD won’t. And maybe he can’t either. Remember, the announcers are approved by the Reds. If JD has any info and he airs that info without their consent, it could mean JD goes looking for another gig.

And what would the Jiminions do? Can’t believe I did it again….

What’s also funny is people get mad when JD and Jamie state they won’t take part in such and/or refer to their timelines on why they won’t.

4. U like memes?

The gang at FanSided’s Mets blog, Rising Apple, gets a HUGE hat tip on this.

Personally, I’m not that big into memes. Some just aren’t funny. Maybe in my age I’m starting to lose my sense of humor. I find that some are just plain lame. I may have to reverse my course on that. I was laughing hysterically after I saw an RA Facebook post with a meme (the one to the left) from MLB Memes. They have well over 1,000 memes.

You know this is so true.

And while you’re on Facebook, check out BRM’s Facebook page and please give us a “Like”.

5. The current poll

After today, I will be changing the poll. Take a second, look to the right, vote.

What’s funny about this? That the results are so split.

6. This is no joke!

Look at the standings on our Standing/Stats page. See that the Reds have 60 wins? Know that the Good Guys are one of three teams that hold the best record in baseball.

And for you Pirates fans that are saying this recent run has come against inferior opponents (and I honestly haven’t seen a lot of this from Cardinals fans), refer to your overall schedule before passing judgment onto others for theirs. Check how many games your team has played against opponents over equal to or over .500, then see how many the Reds have played.

Pirates fans still talking? Honestly? You’re now playing the Astros. The fact you’re even talking about the schedule is downright hilarious.

Come to think of it…

As I detailed yesterday, maybe that’s why I haven’t seen or heard much from Cards fans on this topic. They’ve played less games against teams equal to or over .500 than both the Reds and the Pirates.

7. Poor, poor Marty

I know you’re well aware of this, but I find it hard to believe that Marty Brennaman will become one with a shaven head.

Before this season began, the Mecurial One stated if the Reds would win 10 games in a row, he would have his head shaved. Well, Mr. HOFer, looks like that’s going to happen. I’m sure many are already clawing for video and images for the event. There were even a few Photoshopped images that appeared on Twitter. Just put Marty’s name in the Twitter search and you’ll see them.

I don’t know if Marty’s bet had anything to do with ow the Reds roster looked on paper previous to the season’s start or that it is just so hard to put a winning streak together of that length no matter how loaded your roster is.

Doesn’t matter though, does it?

Gotta go. Have to sharpen the clippers…