Let’s see what you have, Mr. Jocketty


Now, let’s see what you have Mr. Jocketty…

In case you haven’t checked your baseball related Twitter feed (and it also depends which app you’re using), the Pittsburgh Pirates acquired pitcher Wandy Rodriguez from the Houston AAAstros in exchange for Rudy Owens (Triple-A), Robbie Grossman (Double-A) and Colton Cain (Single-A). Houston will also send a little cash (actually, a lot) to Pittsburgh to help with the monies still owed Rodriguez.

On the surface, to me, this is a win-won deal. Houston gets prospects, which they sorely need, and Pittsburgh gets a legit arm. We’ll not know the impact of this deal for at least a couple of months. Will depend on how well Wandy pitches for the Bucs.

That’s as far as I can go with this. I honestly don’t believe Rodriguez is the arm that puts the Bucs over the top, but it does help. I don’t think Pirates GM Neal Huntington is done making deals.

Let’s see what you have, Mr. Jocketty…

I don’t remember hearing this before I faded off to sleep last evening/early this morning, but apparently, Hanley Ramirez is going to become a Dodger. He is?

He is…and it’s legit…and it’s done. Wow. That’s one of those deals I didn’t see coming. Like the Ichiro deal. And I thought the Dodgers were sold on Dee Gordon. Have they soured on this kid already?

OK. Gordon is on the disabled list, but what do the Dodgers when Gordon is ready? That could get interesting.

They’ll cross that bridge when they arrive there and I highly doubt they have a concern on that front now. Adding HanRam’s bat to that lineup can only help, right? If HanRam can regain even just a part of his lost offense in addition to Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier, the Dodgers elevate their “status” to legit contenders. That might not be the main thrust here.

Maybe letting HamRam play short will be the real cure.

Well, that and getting away from that “artwork” they have in the outfield at the Marlins new home.

And Ned Colletti isn’t done either. The Dodgers are still in on that Dempster dude.

Let’s see what you have, Mr. Jocketty…

So the Phillies got this Cole Hamels extension worked out. Wonder if Cliff Lee might now be available. Obviously Hamels isn’t.

Hey, I don’t blame the Phillies for extending Hamels. I prefer Hamels over Lee especially if you want to keep only one lefty starter. Hamels is younger as he’s 28 and Lee will be 34 at the end of August. Lee’s numbers have shown slight (and I honestly mean slight) regression over the past two seasons.

You gotta ask: Should the Reds pursue Lee?

Side note: Much has been made of the rumor that the Reds turned down a deal with the Phillies in which it was reported a straight up deal: Shane Victorino for Logan Ondrusek. Personally, I don’t find Victorino as a top of the line up fit for the Reds. Before you call me crazy, nuts, insane, check Victorino’s numbers. He’s having his worst offensive season…ever.

Back to Lee. Do you go after a guy that is in the second year of a five year, $120MM contract…at the age of, we’ll add the year, 34?

Won’t happen even though Walt went after Lee a couple years back. The Arkansas native wasn’t making $20+MM a year in 2010. He is now. Still…

If there is one player on the Philly roster the Reds might want to pursue, I’m of the opinion it’s Juan Pierre. Cheap rental. Can offer him another year if necessary. Might have to deliver the Phillies a low-level prospect.

Let’s see what you have, Mr. Jocketty…

Doesn’t have to be a big name. Doesn’t have to be a blockbuster. Just needs to be a help for the club…and a logical fit. You know me. Don’t make a move for the sake of making a move.

That’s just plain silly.