Reds Notes on Our Nation’s Birthday


Happy 4th of July to all!

Have a few Reds notes I’d like to pass along to all our readers. Some you may already know about (if that’s the case, take this as your reminder!) and others you may not.

First, there’s the Reds Tweetup that is scheduled for July 15th as the Reds will play the Cardinals in a nationally televised game. For $25 you will receive a field box ticket (value of $34) and a special edition, limited Reds Tweetup T-shirt (value…can you place a value on something this “limited”). To order your ticket, head over to and snag your seat now.

Better Off Red’s own Jamie Ramsey and other Reds bloggers and tweeters will be in attendance and there is a special section for those that purchase these tickets. I’m guessing there will be a BRM staffer or two there.

Here at BRM, we know that our readers utilize different browsers in order to enjoy our content. Well, how would you like to start your browser and see your Reds as your browser theme? You can…and there’s more than just having the theme. You also have the opportunity to win an authentic 2012 All-Star Jersey customized with the name and number of an All-Star player from the Reds. Not kidding…

To grab your browser theme (created by Brand Thunder), simply go to to install. Themes can be installed for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. I personally use both Firefox and Chrome and have installed the Reds theme for both. Nothing like displaying your love for the Good Guys than with this theme! Won’t have to surf the net for wallpapers.

Upon the installation of the theme, or if you already have it installed, you will notice a button labeled “ASG Jersey Sweeps”. Click on that button and follow the directions. Who knows? You could be the recipient of an authentic Joey Votto, Jay Bruce or Aroldis Chapman All-Star Game jersey!

Here’s some additional info on the sweepstakes. Entries will be taken until July 15th. Winners will be selected between July 18-20 with prize fulfillment beginning on July 21st. There will be one Reds fan that wins.

Toward the end of July, it will be an even more exciting time to be a Reds fan as #11 Barry Larkin will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on July 22nd. John Fay has an interesting “challenge” for Reds fans. Each plaque created has a blurb about the player and there is room for about 76 words. What would you have on Larkin’s plaque? Head over to Fay’s blog on and let him know.

With all the chatter about the All-Star Game (and all the associated “stuff”) and Billy Hamilton swiping his 100th bag (which is simply astonishing), are tending to forget the other players within the Reds system? Fear not. If you aren’t already, check out Doug Gray on to stay up-to-date on the system’s happenings.

I remind everyone of this for one reason…Joey Gathright. I know he’s toiled in various independent leagues and been on numerous major league rosters over the past three years, but has anyone noticed what he has done since coming to Louisville? After playing for the Bridgeport Bluefish in the independent league known as the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, all he’s done since arriving is hit .304 with an OBP of .354. Strange thing is that Gathright wasn’t playing particularly well for Bridgeport as he was only hitting .240 at the time of the transaction.

While not many will believe a 31-year-old can lend a hand, I think it’s a distinct possibility. Maybe distant is the more appropriate term, but he could demand (not literally, but through his play) a “look-see” from the front office. I know the Bats were battling injuries at the time of his arrival, but he has produced and remained in the starting lineup.

Why am I saying this? Am I nuts? I won’t dispute that notion, but remember this. A 34-year-old Willie Harris held a 25-man roster spot…twice.

File Gathright’s name toward the back of your cerebral Rolodex. It just might come in handy yet.

This month is special to me not only for the 4th (which is important to me as my son-in-law served two tours in Iraq), but it also marks two years since I came on board here at BRM. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable and I have met some excellent Reds fans and fans of other teams in those two years whether it be through Twitter, Facebook or the comments you leave on our posts. I sincerely thank each and every one of you.

On behalf of the staff of John Heitz, Tyler, Justin, John Rentz, Matt, Aaron and myself, I extend a Happy 4th to all. Remember (and I don’t want to come off as sounding like a PSA here), stay safe.

It’s now 93 degrees as I look at my desktop…and it’s 1:30 PM.

And one last thing…

Happy birthday, America!!!