This All-Star Stuff is Frivolous


Seriously? Are we resorting to Twitter fights over this? It’s one stinkin’ baseball game that’s an exhibition for cryin’ out loud. Let’s talk about real games.

But first…

Look, I will say I’m severely disappointed over Johnny Cueto and Brandon Phillips being “left off” the NL All-Star team and I even had a tweet of my own linking Tony LaRussa to the snubs. That all out in the open and also taking a day to mull over this whole deal, I must say I’m a bit saddened by the way this has exploded and, more so, the way I reacted upon the announcement of the NL team by sending that tweet.

I completely understand all Reds fans, players and Dusty for being miffed. Considering the “message” of not being included on the NL All-Star squad and the “messenger” that is TLR, make it harder to bear. Fact: the Reds are not the only team that had a player snubbed. Zack Greinke deserves to be on the team, too. He had a shot to return to Kansas City. He still might. Madison Bumgarner has grounds for being upset. I could on with about another six guys that could have a beef and that doesn’t include the five players in the Final Vote.


You know something, there are a myriad of important games to be played in the 2012 regular season. The All-Star Game, while it does determine which league will have home field advantage for the World Series (which about the dumbest thing Bud Selig ever created), is not one of them. Winning the NL Central so you aren’t a wild card team, winning the National League and winning the World Series hold a far greater significance than the All-Star Game. Or so I would think. Yes, making the team is an honor, one that is not or should not be taken lightly, but isn’t having a shot at a World Series title something that exceeds an ASG selection?

Ponder this. If a spot were to open up on the NL team, especially for a pitcher, do you honestly think MLB will want Cueto to be added? After his remarks from yesterday, you have to severely consider the potential dynamic surrounding, of all things, an exhibition game. You’d need a samurai sword to cut through the tension. At this point, including Cueto would now diminish his selection had he chosen to remain mum. I think his chances are non-existent, and that pains me to write.

Brandon took the high road and said nothing. Well, at least publicly. I applaud that. He may be the beneficiary of an open roster spot.

You could consider the addition of Jay Bruce, who was a LaRussa pick, as a bit of an olive branch extended to the Reds by TLR (and MLB, almost forgot that part) as a means to make up for what is now perceived as snubs. Not how well that thought would be accepted, if at all. I ask, how many Reds fans can honestly say they thought Bruce would be chosen? I am not defending LaRussa here, but he could have easily taken Matt Holliday over Bruce. That would leave the Reds with Joey Votto and Aroldis Chapman as its representatives. Only two players from a first place team. The Chicago Cubs have two players going as well.

The universe is shifting in a weird manner, huh?

Another question. Why consider filing a grievance with the union? I know there’s a $25,000 bonus at stake for Cueto’s selection to the All-Star team. I know Cueto’s agent (and many others) would like to throttle TLR. There’s the new rule. LaRussa possibly broke it (although MLB denies that claim and fully supports TLR), but this is turning into a PR nightmare. It needs to go away without a whimper.

I get that Reds fans support Cueto for standing up for himself. Nothing wrong with that. Choose your words wisely or don’t say them at all.

The national types see the snubs. Not that they can do anything about it, but today on Outside the Lines airing on ESPN, FOX’s Ken Rosenthal,’s Richard Justice and ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian were asked of snubs…

Rosenthal: Cueto
Justice: Phillips
Kurkjian: Cueto

What can you do? Not a thing. Don’t waste time on it. Seriously, let it go. Why?

The important things…

  • Votto has a bum knee and isn’t in tonight’s starting lineup…again. Concern? Votto doesn’t think so, but worth keeping you eye on it.
  • The Reds do not have a left-handed bench bat. Definite concern.
  • The Reds are in first place. Excellent.
  • Cueto and BP are extremely valuable to this Reds team, All-Star selection or not. Reds fans know their value.

There’s a division, league and World Series title to win.

Beat LA. Beat SD.

Go Reds!