Reds Homestand Wrap


The Good Guys have just begun a four-game set in out nation’s capital. But what stood out in the recently completed six-game homestand? Some good. Some bad. I suppose that’s the feeling you get when you go 3-3.

For those that wondered where the bats went (for at least a couple of games), the Reds were outscored 19-26. Look a little further into that. Two of the three losses were lopsided losses. There was the 8-3 loss in the middle game of the Marlins series and a 7-1 loss to the Cardinals in the series opener. (Yes, I’m trying to save the good news for last!). In the other four games, Reds pitchers permitted 11 runs. And five of those runs came in one game.

We saw it last year where the Reds bats would simply be in a slumber for a couple of games. When they awoke, it was pretty awesome to watch…and it was usually for one game. There was an occasion or two where it did spill over into the next game.

The cry most often heard this season was that the pitching had more holes. I don’t think anyone would argue that point. Moves were made to address that. I have read many an article stating that the offense would be fine. Yes, it’s only six games into the season and I know how Tyler loves the overreaction, but I also know he was a little concerned about how the offense was possibly a little neglected this past offseason.

True. The Reds did pursue Josh Willingham.

Left Field…Again

At the end of the 2011 season, we all knew there were two areas that failed to produce offensively: left field and shortstop. I’ll get to short in a minute.

Left field, yes, even after only six games, isn’t looking too good. Here’s you “LF Watch”…

2-for-21 (.095), .240 OBP, .143 SLG, 0 HR, 1 RBI, 4 BB, 4 SO

The RBI is credited to Ryan Ludwick even though Chris Heisey has 2 RBI. Both of Heisey’s RBI have come as a pinch-hitter where he is 2-for-2.

At this point (and I will repeat, I know it’s only six games), I don’t see how anyone could lean one way or another on this issue.


Another interesting stat is that the Reds have yet to successfully steal a base. You would think that with the likes of Drew Stubbs, Brandon Phillips and Chris Heisey, there would be at least one. Stubbs had 40 a year ago. BP accounted for 14. Heisey had 6.

Even put Zack Cozart into the mix. He swiped 9 in Louisville last season and 30 in 2010. Joey Votto and Jay Bruce have even been known to surprise the opponent and take one every now and then. And that leads me to this…

Maybe even more confounding would be only one attempt. I’m well aware that there haven’t been many chances, but sometimes sending a guy that the opponent may not deem a threat can be a good thing.

Cozart’s Start

In case you’ve not been paying attention, Zack Cozart is having one whale of a week. He sits in the top 3 in several offensive categories: batting average (.455, 2nd), on-base percentage (.520, 2nd), SLG (.864, 3rd), triples (2, 1st), runs scored (6, T2), hits (10, T3) and OPS (1.384, 2nd). Considering the shortstop position was an offensive shortcoming last season, Cozart has been better than advertised.

Yes, six games…

Before this season began, a co-hort from within the FanSided Sports Network questioned me of Cozart in regards to drafting him for fantasy baseball purposes. I told him that I expect no less than 500 AB’s and that he would be the everyday shortstop. As far as where he (Cozart) could be drafted or the dollars involved, it could be a major steal.

I hope he got Zack. Those stats for the first week (or any week) will play…


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