Reds, BP Agree to Deal?


According to former Mets GM and Orioles VP Jim Duquette, the Reds and second baseman Brandon Phillips are on the verge of agreeing to a deal that would be for a length of six years and worth around $72.5 million (via Duquette’s Twitter). Also, former Reds GM Jim Bowden is stating the same. No question this would be a popular decision among a significant portion of Reds fanbase.

And that might be the driving force behind this deal.

As of this time, there has been no official word from the Reds, Phillips or BP’s agent. Of course, if it hits the interwebs, it must be true, so I’ll go with it for a bit.

For those that have pointed to the organization and stated they will never spend money, you now have two (potential) signings within three weeks that are worth well over $300 million. And who says small market teams can’t spend money…

I was left with the following thought after the Votto announcement and this news has me thinking, which if you’re a regular reader, can only lead to dangerous things.

One (HUGE) aspect is the situation regarding the dollars involved in these deals which then could point to the TV dollars. As been stated on numerous occasions, the Reds only receive about $10 million a year from FOX Sports Ohio. I have a strange feeling there’s something in the air here.

Think about it. Some old phrases come to my mind. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Give me a minute and I’ll crap out some money for you. Is there actually a goose that lays golden eggs? Something has to be amiss here. You can only wonder of the source of these dollars. Did someone within the organization win the Mega Millions?

For decades, the Reds ownership has shown extreme reluctance to spend big money. It’s been a rarity. There’s been free agent signings here and there, but the last “big deal” that blew up water coolers around baseball nation was the Francisco Cordero signing at four years worth $46 million. There was the Ken Griffey, Jr. deal for nine years and $113 million.

Now, the Joey Votto extension followed by BP’s new deal…should it materialize.

There will be the issue concerning BP’s age. It’s one that has had me not being in favor of a deal worthy of more than three, possibly four years at the most. Look at the deal the Texas Rangers awarded to Ian Kinsler: five years, $75 million. Kinsler is only one year younger (29) than Phillips (30). Almost to the day, too. Yes, the Kinsler deal is for one less year, but the dollars are about equal. And I know that with these two deals being made so close to each other, comparisons will be made.

Offensively, Kinsler has more power. Defensively, I needn’t say a thing, but I will. Three Gold Gloves. I’m all for keeping MLB’s best defensive player for his position, but not sure about the length and, therefore, the cost involved. That’s all the comparing I’ll do.

Those dissenting from this news are now wondering about the pitching staff. Is there any money to spend there?

But I’ll give credit where credit is due. While everyone (including myself) was rushing to judgment thinking that the Reds would not be able to keep BP AND Votto, one person had a hunch.

Note the date of the tweet: April 2nd.

Yes, Russ, if the reports are true and the deal is completed, you now own the Twitterverse!

BP’s view? You know where to check…

With this in mind…

(Note: Of course shortly after I clicked on “Publish”, the word came out that the deal was done.)


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