The Utility Player: All Star Game, Reds Captaincy and More!


How’s that go? A day late and a dollar short. Well, TUP is a day late. Don’t know about the dollar short part though.

In the splendor that is Opening Day, there is some potentially good news on the horizon as far as Cincinnati is concerned: hosting an All Star Game. It’s something that was even on the mind of staff writer Matt Gahris just a couple of months ago. Seems like he’s by far the only one that has owned those thoughts.

On, Kevin Kelly was pondering the same. A couple of days ago, Kelly published an article in which the mood of Reds owner Bob Castellini stated there was a real possibility that Great American could land the gig for either 2013 or 2014. The precursor may have been playing host to the Civil Rights Game in both 2009 and 2010.

As of now, Citi Field in New York City is viewed as the front runner for 2013 (and there have bee nreports that it will be in New York even though no definitive announcement has been made), and since baseball prefers to alternate hosts depending on league, you might think “beating” Citi Field for the 2013 nod is the better chance.

Not so. Even if the 2013 All Star Game were to be held in New York, there is precedent that a league has hosted consecutive All Star Games. In fact, you do not have to go back that long of a period. In 2006 PNC Park in Pittsburgh was chose and the following year, AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Keep faith Reds fans, we may be having the best in baseball outside of Cincinnati visiting soon.

Joey Votto, Captain?

In light of the monster (or mega or whatever adjective you wish to attach to Joey Votto’s deal) contract, there is an interesting read on Redleg Nation today authored by Steve Mancuso. Mancuso believes now is the time to name Votto as the Reds captain.

He also points to the recent history of that honor: Pete Rose, Dave Concepcion, Barry Larkin. Since the 70’s, that’s it. I’m sure there have been teams that had an “unofficial team captain”, but no one donned the “C” since Larkin retired in 2004. And Mancuso makes a great case…

"By their own historic actions, the Reds have undeniably singled out Joey Votto as the top player on the team. As long as Votto plays for the Reds, certainly no other player will be captain, and presumably that’s twelve more years. The Reds brass should back up their words of praise with a simple action.Dusty Baker should name Joey Votto captain of the Reds."

If I may, I do have something to add. Doesn’t Baker have enough to worry about like lineups and and who’s starting?

‘I Don’t Believe What I Just Saw’

Yes, words from the great Jack Buck on the home run launched by now Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson after hitting the game-winning home run in the first game of the 1988 World Series. All apologies to the Buck family, but I really couldn’t believe this when I saw it…

Look under HR. See it? Paul Janish hit two, not one, but two home runs in the season opener. For all of 2011, Janish did not a single MLB home run after hitting 5 in 2010. Janish had 366 plate appearances last season. He did manage one home run as a member of the Bats last season.

FWIW: What is Going On Here?

I know you’ve probably seen these, but I felt the need to address a couple of things.

If you were watching any of the baseball games over on the Mothership, you undoubtedly saw a commercial for Opening Day. While I was unable to find a link to the video, I was a bit perplexed as I heard Justin Verlander utter the words “I will throw 107.” It’s supposed to be a bold prediction.

And this is bold even for Verlander. Go here to watch it.

Or this…

Have you seen the commercial for fantasy baseball where the circus clowns are selecting their teams? I’m sure you have, but I still can’t get over the fact the clown took David Wright over “(Jose) Bautista and (Jose) Reyes” even though they were still available.

Did any of our readers make that same pick?

Or even this!

Yes, you can stop after the 10 second mark and proceed to laughing your butt off…again and again and again.


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