How Long Until…

You know it will happen. There will be various statements made by Reds fans that you will hear while attending a game, watching the game while attached to a stool at your favorite watering hole, or by watching your Twitter timeline as you’re watching the game. These are inevitable.

Well, here’s a list of those. I’m sure I’m leaving a few out as well, but these are ones I remember from the 2011 season, and I know they will pop up again in 2012.

“He should be sent to Triple-A”.
How often was that one said and/or tweeted last season in reference to Jay Bruce? A lot. This is one that should never be uttered or tweeted unless under some unfortunate circumstance that Bruce is on a rehab assignment.

And, no, I’m not taking his contract into consideration here. I was a bit harsh in grading Bruce’s 2011 performance, but this is a move I would never consider. There could be times when it is called for a guy to be sent down, but Bruce is simply not the one.

“They really need to trade Bronson Arroyo.”

Um, they really can’t. When Arroyo signed his last deal wit the Reds, he was provided an interest-free deferral of $15 million. If the Reds deal him, that $15 million is immediately due. That is also an expense that the Reds simply cannot absorb especially while they are attempting to put together a team to contend for the National League Central.

Well, it can be done, but only if the team taking Arroyo is also willing to take that $15 million on their payroll. I don’t see that happening even if the other team is the Yankees or another team with a lofty payroll.

In fact, I doubt this would ever happen.

“Why bring (insert player’s name) up if he’s not going to play?”
We heard and read this one frequently in conjunction with Yonder Alonso being added to the 25-man roster. Believe it or not, sometimes a player is recalled solely as a means of being a backup to a backup while the roster appears a bit thin. No denying that Alonso’s bat is MLB ready, but that position thing gets in the way.

But you can wonder why the Reds had Alonso learn left field while he was in Louisville and not provide him ample innings at the position. Alonso did suffer an ankle injury toward the end of 2011, thus providing a means for the Reds to “shelve” the left field experiment a bit longer.

“(Insert name) should be starting and not (insert another name).”
Usually, the first name inserted is that of Chris Heisey. The second one could have been Jonny Gomes, Fred Lewis, Jeremy Hermida or Drew Stubbs. This one will resonate in 2012 and I would not be surprised if Heisey is once again the primary subject of such a statement.

“Fire Dusty!”
Not an original, I know, but this one may be the loudest if the Reds stumble out of the gate. In case you are wondering, Baker is in the last season of his current deal. For those that were/are calling for Dusty’s ouster, you’re cries may not be heard. Owner Bob Castellini is not a fan of paying for two manager as might be the case if Baker is let go mid-season.

Regardless of that fact, it will be an everyday tweet.

“Why did we trade for him?” of “Why did we sign him?”
Can you see this one coming? I can…for miles.

Let’s say the slight whispers that the Colorado Rockies still have an interest in Edinson Volquez. And let’s say Seth Smith the guy Cincy gets in return. The first time Smith makes an error in left field and/or if Volquez gets on a roll in Colorado, the cries will emerge. The phrase we hear would then turn into “Why did we trade (player) for (player)?”.

And let’s say the Reds do go the way of singing free agent left fielder Josh Willingham. While people won’t expect much defensively, imagine the first time Willingham would strike out in a key, run producing situation. Yes, you are fully aware of the scrolling #Reds Twitter timeline on your Tweet Deck.

“Why didn’t Walt make a move?”
These have already begun. They started after the first day of the Winter Meetings…and they will continue do flow especially in the wake of the current situation involving Ryan Braun.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit unsettled that Walt hasn’t pulled the plug on a deal, but I also know that deals may not get done within 48 hours like the Albert Pujols signing did. Walt states groundwork is in place. Who am I to doubt this? I know he’s tried to make a trade or two over the last two non-waiver trade deadlines. Nothing came of them though, so it gives the appearance that Jocketty isn’t doing anything.

I will say this (and as I stated on our Facebook page), now is the time for Walt to strike. Pujols, gone. Fielder, most likely gone. Braun, looking at a possible 50-game suspension. Dusty’s nemesis TLR, gone.

Speaking of the Winter Meetings and all that has transpired since they ended, I am currently in production of BRM’s next podcast. I will hopefully have that ready within the next day or two…

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